Status of the Union – a very sorry affair

by Skip

I tweeted during the whole thing and I’ll put them up later on.  In quickly reviewing them, I think this one sums up the speech the best:

There’s NOTHING that the Federal Government can’t do – and nothing that Obama won’t refuse to have it grab. #GROK #TCOT #NHPOLITICS #SOTU

But you all knew that already, right?  You know that his idea of a perfect community is just you, and government.  Nothing else, for in his Progressives eyes, nothing else  matters or should be needed.  You see, the story of Julia that Obama released during the campaign, how she would rely on government, was not the whole story, was it?  At no time, then or tonight, was there a mention of family helping out, of neighbors helping out, or voluntary associations between other citizens in fraternal organizations or churches, was there?  That act of citizens helping each other OUTSIDE THE SPHERE OF GOVERNMENT that De Toqueville said was the vital strength of America – absent.

No, that kind of America does not exist in your Utopia, does it Mr. Obama?  Instead, it is only a small individual and a Big Government surrounding that person 360.  The intent may be to protect, but that 360 degree wall can also be seen as a cell wall.

And again tonite, only the hollow ring of Julia was present – except you wish to force us all to be Julia’s in your own image (that Progressive model of the Stepford wives?) and that only Government can help.  But what was worse, was your constant insistence in this –  that Government WILL help you – even when it is not needed or unwanted.  Your desire is to eliminate all vestiges of traditional America, that America that helps itself and governs itself – that our first response is to look to Government for salvation.

Salvation can never be found in a mortal man, nor in the systems that mortal men are able to create.  How can a far away Federal government possibly know what a local neighborhood or a town needs – or wants?  Yet, that is what Obama believes, he the Progressive-in-Chief.


Nice to see that the latest MoH earner declined Moochella’s “sit w/me” offer

Anyone else think that Annie “tax cheat” Kuster will clap the loudest of the NH Delegation?

Do you think the Nuge was smiling Rightward thoughts as they frisked him going to his SOTU seat?

Anyone thinking if POTUS calls out a Repub, SOTU ends up like British Parliament in screaming at each other?

Or more like some other Parliaments and break out in a fight? What would POTUS do?

Anyone thinking that POTUS is NOT going to turn this into a campaign speech? And have you been drinking?

What’s the over /under of new Exec Orders POTUS is gonna issue tonite?

RT @tonykatz: Sen Bob Menendez at #SOTU ….are the underage hookers with him or waiting back at the motel?

Here in come the Grandees…….yawn….

I really do with I could hear both Krauthammer & Will give a running commentary tonite

@JedediahBila Too soon for “You Lie?” NEVAH!

RT @MichaelBiundo: What’s the over under on the word I in the #SOTU #FB 100/210

Lurch and Mr. Fast & Furious…..what a pair of…. (I’ll be nice…)

RT @ChrisBuck: @MichaelBiundo #SOTU #FB Perhaps more to the point… Socialists prefer the word “we.” Nah – COMMUNITY!!!!

@ChrisCrawfordnh What the heck are YOU drinking / smoking / sniffing tonite…..Yuck!

@elizcrum Can’t we force such to be no longer than the Gettysburg Address?

$9 for new minimum wage is supposed to boost the economy? Small biz owners about to lose it…

Here He comes……please just go…..

Gee, POTUS greeted ALL of the Supremes……why not, they gave him Obamacare!

I thought that the Joint Chiefs normally don’t clap (like the Supremes)….

Ah, we see the entire Washington Poltiical Class arrayed before us……truly, a sight for very poor eyes

Not rivals for Power? Er, what about “Cannot wait for Congress”, POTUS?

Do we HAVE to have another night listening to his hands thunking on the mic stand….can’t we do better??

Cleared away the rubble? Funny, I keep hearing jackhammers all around…

Igniting growth……with THOUSANDS of pages of new regulations. That’s the ticket!

You CAN get ahead…..and the IRS will be there to greet you.

America doesn’t expect Government to solve every problem…..but Obama does!

RT @warnerthuston: #SOTU How about we expect you to LEAVE US ALONE, Mr. President? Right On Warner!

He reduced the debt? Huh? Oh, I get it….the CHoom Gang has reunited (and reignited)!

Notice that he won’t take credit for coming up with the Sequster (thank you Bob Woodward)?

Rising healthcare costs….but you promised us a $2500 decrease – but we got that as an increase!

How does taxing the rich to give to bureaucrats make the middle class grow?

His class of spending cuts is simply Obama smoke….

Durn that hand thunking….

Reducing “subsidies” to drug co? Betcha they’re mad now that their Grand Bargain w/him just hit expiration

Fifth mention of “soak the rich”

I really get scared any time I hear “comprehensive” coming from any DC politician….you?

not doing Obama’s tax reform will cut jobs….and his new minimum wage won’t?

Yo, ‘Bam – want certainty? Get your henchman Reid to pass a budget!

Reduce the agenda…not an economic plan? REally!

Why does Joe biden look like he just took a long swig of strong lemonade?

Bam wants smarter not larger govt. Well, you’ve had 4 years so far, so far #FAIL

He has no idea what he’s talking about on 3-D printing.

Does this mean he’s “giving us permission” to print ARs?

Batteries – didn’t we already fund 2 bankrupt battery companies and then sell them to the Chinese?

@shiraschoenberg Yeah, that’s worked out so well so far, hasn’t it?

here it comes climate change…..produce more energy and now he’s gonna cut it off. Forked tongue time

He wants cap n trade …. here comes Exec actions if congress won’t act. Dictator

Of COURSE solar energy is cheaper now…..look how much tax money is supporting it

You can take my furnace out of my cold, dead hands…..

There’s NOTHING that the Federal Government can’t do – and nothing that Obama won’t refuse to have it grab.

Seamless Statism — GraniteGrok #GunControl #Statism

Fixing deficient bridges – wasn’t that what the Porkulus was supposed to fix – a $1T ago? What happened? #GROK #TCOT #NHPOLITICS #SOT

Yo, Bam….we’re waiting on Fannie and Freddie to go net positive again for house refinancing?

REGULATIONS? He actually complained about REGULATIONS? Has he seen what his Admin is churning out?

Did anyone tell him that Head Start was a failure?

Federal Preschools – taking over the jobs Parents are supposed to do….

How about making it possible for either mom or dad can stay home w/kids instead of institutionalizing them?

Instead of Race to the Top, how about more school choice

Obama is pushing the Federalization of schools

More education means more success? Obama, how many recent college grads are unemployed?

Is he about to set price fixing for colleges?

Obama: Takeover King for Higher Colleges everywhere! Ivory Towers – you just heard YOUR expiration date!

There’s that reprehensible “comprehensive” word again – immigration


Er, with 14 names each, how are you gonna figure out “tax owed”?

Only took Joe 20 years to write a bill – who knew?

Paycheck fairness act – the only fairness there is to trial lawyers.

Here comes the minimum wage to $9/hour. But aren’t we the BROKEST nation in the world?

They never mention that mandating higher min. wage to put $ in some pockets takes it out of eveyone else

Obama wants to institutionalize “living wage”. How bout those folks increasing their skills to EARN higher wages?

Finally something I can agree with – strengthen families and help men to be real fathers. bravo

After all, the Progressive policy has resulted in 70% unwed birthrates in the inner cities.

War is not over just because you are retreating, Obama. BOTH sides have to agree it is over, not just one.

So, war with AQ is over? what about Ambassador Stevens? What about nuclear N. Korea & Iran?

obama – a nation builder like Bush. Liberals, are you hearing this?

strong words from Obama for Norks – meet your international responsibilities. Rich, isn’t it?

Obama wants to cut our nuclear weapons by 1/3 to “lead by example. note Norks and Iran falling into line!

Great – Feds are setting standards for cyber security. What could go wrong – take over private nets?

RT @JD_Tuccille: “We” again, on “cybersecurity.” How about you buy you’re own damned firewall and leave us alone.

Anchor of freedom – so why are you taking away our religious freedom?

RT @jslconsulting: We can’t run a post office and now we’re saving the world? Might that noble effort require…….”revenue”?

We must all protect freedom – leave our Bibles and guns alone.

Now he wants to Federalize the voting process. My town’s system works fine – LEAVE US ALONE!

Massive ammunition magazines? Weapons of war? My sons would never take my AR to war.

Glad to see he’s so tearful about the gangbangers with guns running amok in Chicago…

Why does Obama so wish to criminalize us who legally possess guns?

He just turned SOTU into the gun equivalent of the Wellstone funeral. Disgusting.

Has he ONCE mentioned the REAL values and philosophy of the Constitution?

No, sir, we were NOT sent here to watch out for everyone else. The US is not a forced Communitarian State

@catooshka By a gangbanger who already was in trouble for having a gun…and Chicago failed to do the right thing & get him off the street


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