Report Claims: Manchester NH one of Ten Least Taxed Cities in US

by Steve MacDonald

There is a good deal of couched language in this article, but a few things stand out.

According to Edward Wyatt, fiscal analyst for the Office of Revenue Analysis, while tax rates are certainly a factor in the tax burden on families, it is more the existence of certain kinds of taxes that determines whether families pay through the nose or barely at all come mid-April.

Personal income tax is one of the key factors. Seven states have no income tax, and six of the 10 cities with the lowest tax burdens are in these states. Two more cities in the bottom 10 — Memphis N.H., and Manchester, Tenn. (Manchester, N.H., and Memphis Tenn)— only tax non-wage income, such as dividends and interest. None of the cities with high tax burdens are in income tax-exempt states.

Another interesting trend was that cities with higher tax burdens tended to have higher unemployment, while lower-taxed cities tended to have among the lowest unemployment.

Total tax burden matters.  And lower overall tax burdens are (still) better for families and employment…so I guess Democrats really do hate families and jobs.  Or do they just love growing government so much they could care less about the collateral damage from their spending addiction?

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  • allen

    no, they hate families jobs AND revenue..the Laffer Curve proves that. of course, this isn’t about revenue. this is about social engineering. taking enough money from people in taxes that they need the government kickbacks just to survive.

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