Is This A Coincidence?

by Steve MacDonald

Ann Kuster

Ann Kuster

Veruca salt

Veruca salt

Veruca McLane Kuster

I’m Refusing to pay my taxes on time, Daddy!

Just wondering.

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  • Eeeevil Republican! I like it! Kinda like rubbing salt in the verruca!

    • C. dog e. doG

      That sounds so vulgaris. Skip?

      • set the Skip on me.
        Kinda like dog bites man :-/

        • granitegrok

          Bad man, Baaaaad man….good thing it’s only a wart…

  • Scott Morales

    Lol, good find. Good match.Perfect.

    • nhsteve

      I’m ready for the Star and the Globe now.

      –Steve waiting for the phone to ring.

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