Alec Baldwin – Card Carrying Member of the Liberal Aristocracy

Alec Baldwin Hyporite
Alec Baldwin card carrying left wing hypocrite. (Photo Credit – AP)

When you are a member of the protected class you can do whatever you want without fear of being treated like the regular people.  Alec Baldwin is a rich, connected, member of the liberal aristocracy.  When he cries out for the occupy movement and the 99% no one asks him how he can simultaneously accuse rich bankers of malfeasance while being a the paid spokesman for one of the largest banks in the world–Capital One.

But if you ask Alec Baldwin what’s in his Wallet, he might suggest you be stoned to death (circa 1998), launch a sexist attack (more recent), or spew racist hatred at you (quite recent), without fear of repercussion…. because he’s Alec Baldwin.


A credentialed reporter for one of the oldest American newspapers asks a public figure a question on a public street.  The person grabs the reporter (a young woman) by the arm and tells her he wants her to “choke to death.”  He then turns to the credentialed photographer for the same newspaper (who happens to be black) and calls him a “coon” and a “crackhead.”

(the reporter has it all on audio according to the report.)

This is all very amusing coming from the man who said this

“Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately.”

Terrorizing innocent citizens indiscriminately…well that’s Alec Baldwin – Domestic Terrorist.  He’s doing everything he can to make sure no one approaches him or confronts him, or dares to challenge him on anything.  And he”s a bully–for which he also gets a pass because he gives money to all the right people and promotes the right causes; so he gets the left-wing media/political complex equivalent of a papal dispensation. Baldwin gets a waiver.

These are the defining characteristics of a propaganda media defending a wealthy political aristocracy.  There are different rules, different reporting for the left-wing rich bastards of the privileged class.

And like his previous racist and sexist rants you should not expect any scathing replies from the New Hampshire Democrat party, calls for boycotts of the businesses he promotes or the organizations of politicians he donates to.  They are all liberal.  In fact, they won’t even expect an apology because they are hypocrites just like he is.


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