The Left’s War On Women cont…

by Steve MacDonald

Alec Baldwin calls a woman a nutty bitchWith the delicate, caring, touch that prominent Democrat donors are known for, Alec Baldwin – #Occupy supporter and spokes-hypcorite for the 5th largest bank in the US–a man with an estimated net worth of $65 million dollars, had some kind words for a female reporter looking to get a quote from Baldwin’s recently announced fiance’.

“Here’s the nutty bitch who crashed the yoga class today with Snooki Alvarez…”

While it may have been inappropriate to crash a private class looking for a sound-bite, I’m more concerned about whether this might classify as misogyny and racism.

Nutty bitch?  Sounds racist to me.

According to John Nolte at Breitbart, Baldwin wasn’t finished.

Never done with a temper tantrum that has lasted over three decades now, Baldwin then went after the left-wing’s favorite bogeyman, media titan Rupert Murdoch (who owns the New York Post not The Daily News). Still immune from irony, Baldwin called Murdoch a fascist and then, uhm, demanded that Murdoch be stripped of “every broadcast license he has” — because that wouldn’t be at all fascist.

Fortunately for the not-quite Canadian citizen Alec Baldwin, the War on Women Weather forecast is always sunny for left wing one-percenters like him.  He gets a pass.  No one will boycott him or any show he is on and he knows it.

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