Your move, Kathy Sullivan – the offer has been accepted. What say you?

by Skip

My previous post commenting about John DiStaso went a tad long, so I’ve decided to make sure that all can see – I happily accept Kathy Sullivan’s offer:

She said she was not surprised Limbaugh picked up on the matter, but added, “Maybe everyone on either side needs to calm down and talk to each other.

Let’s have that debate, shall we?  You want to talk – let’s do it.  Offer is now official – we can talk here on GraniteGrok.  Or, if you feel better about being on a home turf, set up your posts on Blue Hampshire – and we will respond.

You want to talk – I look forward to it.  I really do hope that was not just a throwaway line.

Let’s debate, a blog debate, you and I.  Let’s establish that talk – you for your values and I for ours.  Or, if you wish, several folks and you, and we Groksters will answer in kind – one on one or a group debate; your choice, ma’am.

What say you?


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