When dogs go bad with assault weapons…

by Tim Condon

Cold crazed, conniving killer?

This from Local10.com in Cantonment, Florida:

“According to officials, a man has died after a dog jumped into a van, stepped on the accelerator, and struck him as he opened a gate outside a Florida Panhandle home.”

As usual, the real “inside story” is to be found in the comments that follow the article.

Here are some of them:

Dewreck says: The dog did it on purpose, it’s why police officers are blowing away family pets at alarming rates, they know your canine companion is secretly a cold, crazed, conniving killer….

docwhocuts says: I raid my dog’s dog house weekly looking for assault weapons.

Brad says: What is an “assault weapon”?

sean patriot says: Anything a liberal thinks is scary looking.

Fool_Killer says: Close. Any weapon that the sight of makes a liberal wet himself.

TxPatrick: Like a Job?

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