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Very good Right side political advice from two great bloggers

Any time that an Establishment rumpswab starts in on you about TEA Party candidates, remember the words of Prof. Jacobson:

If we had followed the establishment advice, we would not have Ted Cruz in office

 Ted Cruz was the insurgent Tea Party – supported candidate running against the more establishment David Dewhurst.

 If we followed the establishment advice to keep the seat safe, we would not have this rising star in office. The same is true for Marco Rubio and other next-generation Republican leaders.

 While there were other races where it didn’t turn out as hoped, Ted Cruz demonstrates the importance of primaries

And remember, there were a number of Establishment Senate candidates that got whupped as well (example: WI’s Tommy Thompson – a “shoo-in” they said!).  Go to the link as it has a video of Ted Cruz talking about “Opportunity Conservatisim”.

And then this from Glen Reynolds, the blogfadda!

My advice to Tea Partiers: Take over your state GOP.

Take over your state GOP.” – Yup, good advice as because to win the races you have to change the conversation and the philosophy of the status quo.  And right now for the NH GOP, nothing says status quo better than what Derry Republican Chair and NH GOP Finance head honcho, Jim Foley said (and I commented upon):

Don’t think that the State Party did that badly in this election.

The attitude seems to be that WE on the E-Board are right; everyone else needs to simply obey. Why are these folks complaining, he asks? Because in his Hubris, he forgets that while he is in a leadership position, he fails to understand that the mode should be of a servant-leader: you lead best when you are serving others well. Besides, as shown at the Rye Republican meeting on Sat, there is a LOT of unsatisfaction and ill will from the bottom of the NH GOP to that at the top – a sentiment to which he seems clueless.

Well, when the NH GOP Establishment loses the House, loses the Exec Council, fails to win the Corner Office and barely (from a numerical standpoint) held onto the Senate, one has to ask the important question

The TEA Party could hardly do much worse, eh?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to change.  “Take over your state GOP“.  Sure, it will take time, effort, and the ability to take some guff from the Establishment but remember: how much “flack” did the Founders have to take.

Keep smiling, TEA Partiers – it drives them crazy!

(H/T: Instapundit)