Peggy Noonan on recent gun sales explosion: “…and they also fear their Government.”

by Skip

On “This week with George Stephanopolus”, Peggy Noonan said what I have been posting about here for a while.  If that angst has now trickled up to a nationally rated columnist and talking head on one of the top rated national political shows, that assures that there is a problem.  The gun sales are through the roof to the point of being almost unobtainable – and is finally getting noticed.  George asked Peggy Noonan the question:

Peggy Noonan, Newtown happened one month ago tomorrow.  We are going to see here from VP Joe Biden on Tuesday.  But we’ve been talking about this for the last few weeks on the program.  Every time I talk to a group of Senators, it does seem that there is a not a lot of sharing of the President’s sense of urgency on this issue.

Her response:

On Capitol Hill, you mean?  Look, guns are a very tough topic in America.  I do think that if the VP comes forward with some with his report on Tuesday that looks at the whole violence problem in a way that includes guns and extended magazines and such but how we also deal with the mentally ill in America and what to do if you have a 17 year old kid that appears to be unstable and violent?  There is a cultural angle to this, we all know what it is, we all go through the motions on this, we have for 25 years but a Democratic President addressing the cultural part of it this would be a little like Nixon to China.

If Biden has something to say that touches on all those things…

<Cross talk, Betsy Woodruff rushes in to Biden / Obama’s defense, example of her son trying to buy a shotgun for his wife at an absolutely packed gun store and hits the hard end of the segment….)

George starts off with Noonan again:

Just as we were going to commercial, Peggy, you were saying warning the President against something?

And this is when I just sat there shocked, that the elephant in the room just magically appeared to most of us on the Right

Yeah, two things I’d like to say.  One is that people are buying guns like crazy now, not because they’re nutty, not because they’re angry but because, I really think fear their country is falling apart, its defensive, and its something that I think we all need to be talking about.  There is so much anxiety out in America – and they also fear their Government.

And that is where the argument HAS gone – lots of owners were just waiting to see what would happen after Sandy Hook, as they feared the worst was about to come down – and it did.  No sooner than the echos of the trigger pulls abate did it take for the Left leaning gun grabbers were knocking each other over in rushing onto the air waves to declare “Take them all!” – and both Senator Diane Feinstein and Gov. Andrew Cuomo said exactly that.  Now position that with the constant intrusion of Government into EVERY aspect of our lives and removing our ability to control how we live and, in some cases, demanding certain thoughts – they see Government emboldened to become the Boss instead of the Servant the Founders designed.

They are seeing that Government is no longer containing it self, faster and faster, within the strictures of the Constitution.  As they see that, as Government can’t even follow and obey the laws it has set for itself, the people have a legitimate Right and legitimate reason to be fearful.  After all:

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

(Often attributed to Thomas Jefferson).  She continues:

Second thing, I guess, connected to that – leave gun control and gun reform issues in the Congress of the United States.  The President should not be issuing Executive Orders in this area. It would really be unwise and cause GREAT problems, I would think.

And given that the Vice President as said that Obama will do that (with recent examples of Ruling by Decree with No Legislative Ability with Congress not passing the illegal immigration DREAM Act – and Obama did it by his lonesome.  His EPA is basically redoing the energy industry all by itself).  The President is not authorized to create Law on his own – he must wait and only execute the laws that Congress passes – and adds nothing to it, nor subtracts (as with his decision to not legally defend The Defense of Marriage Act, where he unilaterally declared that law unconsitutional – an action that the Supreme Court has to decide and not him).  I

Yet, just as in that last segment of This Week,  two Libs that spoke (Steve will have fun with this – the “No Labels” group is back!) after Noonan refused to to address THE main point of what she had to say (and I translate it here): the people are now starting to fear that Tyranny is close and Obama is bringing it closer.  Perception is reality.  For instance, Paul Krugmam simply ignored that “fear their Government“.

The President HAS to be seen as doing something.  It is CRAZY to be out there buying guns right now.  People are afraid about the reality of life in America that it is safer than it has been in decades….so this is an odd thing, a mental state.

(a small “no’ from Noonan at that)

So, he thinks we are all fools (it must be so nice to proclaim from on high the stupidity of the unwashed masses) and then launches into a micro-tirade that the NRA represents the gun manufacturers and no longer the gun owners (without providing proof).  To solidify the message that Noonan brought up, “Stephey” adds “because the gun owners are supporting a lot of these proposals coming from VP Biden” to end the segment – and without a single shred of evidence to back this up.

In this, the Instapundit pronouncement of “Democrat operatives with bylines” is appropriate, once again (boy, that keeps coming up more and more….).

But ask yourself – while she brings up the absolutely true meme of “people fear their Government”, did she mean to speak (albeit, silently) the thing that would come next?

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