NH GOP – fallout from the Annual Meeting

by Skip

I was forwarded this email by Mary Bonser and she has given permission to publish it (emphasis mine, not Mary’s).  I do wonder if the NH GOP will accept its warnings? After all, now former NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald claims that blogs are ruining the Party.  Which is yet another problem – if a lowly blog can ruin an entire State Republican Party, one of two things is true (after Mary’s Letter):

Regina Birdsell, Chairman
Rockingham County Republican Committee
P.O. Box 772
Exeter, NH 03833

January 27, 2013

Dear Regina,

Please accept my resignation as a Committee Member and Area 3, Vice Chairman for the Rockingham County NH Republican Committee. I will also be leaving the Republican Party.

As a woman in my sixty’s this is not a decision that I make lightly, as I have been a Republican all of my adult life. However, it is something I have been seriously considering for almost 2 years as I have watched the NH Republican Party lose its noble purpose and stumble in on itself.

Saturday’s Annual Republican State Committee Meeting was a watershed moment for me and for the NH Republican Party.

At the meeting it became clear that the party has no idea that it is in a rut of inconsequentiality and proceeded in major ways to dig the rut deeper. It was a ridiculous demonstration of awarding people who have failed demonstratively with, what amounted to, “participation awards”, merely for showing up, apparently.

I can no longer waste my time with a party that operates in a stifling bell jar of delusions of former grandeur. The NH Republican Party is now the pathetic old high school football star that still wears his “letter” jacket and hangs out in the town square as the world leaves him farther and farther behind. The NH Republican Party has lost its way and doesn’t know it, and doesn’t want to know it, and anyone who tries to tell them is marginalized and even demonized.

Our State and Country are in serious trouble and the NH Republican Party is a HUGE part of the problem, because we are the “First In The Nation Primary” State and the NH Republican Party continues to drop the ball. But, instead of acknowledging that there’s a problem and fixing it, they pat themselves on the back and continue to do the same thing over and over again.

I intend to stay politically active, not as a member of the Republican “has been” Party, but rather as a liberated, political freelancer and registered “Undeclared”. I will work tirelessly to support conservative, Constitutional candidates and issues wherever I may find them.

I wish all the amazingly good people I have met in the party all the very best.

To you, my friends, I must ask: How long will you remain shackled to a party that is oblivious to the fact that it has become irrelevant; a party that stands for nothing and is dogged determined to stay that way? How long will you waste and frustrate your limited time and resources fighting, first the NH Republican Party, before you can even begin to help The Conservative Cause?

That, dear friends, is the question.


Mary Bonser


  • There is more power in a blog than I EVAH knew about!  Whodathunkit??
  • If a lowly blogsite with a few writers can cause that amount of trouble that it can actually ruin the NH GOP, what does that say for the health of a political Party that has hundreds of Members?

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  • Susan

    Mary, God bless you…and believe me, sister, you are not alone.

  • Jim

    I left the Republican Party back after the ’08 McCain debacle, and have been disappointed in its continuing slide into a rudder-less institution that seems to think it can function on pure inertia alone.

    I was actually looking forward to re-registering as a Republican if Andrew Hemingway was elected chairman, as this would be at least some kind of sign that the party in NH was looking to get its act together again. But after reading this account, I will continue as an unaffiliated voter and simply support candidates with backbone, conviction, and a willingness to define the terms of the debate.

  • nhcitizen

    Mary. If you leave, they win.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Maybe if the apparatchik pay heed, she will return, and others will join for cause, not pomp and circumcision.
      – C. dog

  • dont teabag me

    And this is why the conservative cause in NH is a joke.

    • C. dog e. doG

      kinda depends on what one’s conserving, donut?
      – C. dog throwing teabags at moonbats as sporting clays

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  • NHTrooper

    For a long time now I have considered leaving the Republican Party. It is and continues to be something I struggle with mightily. I don’t see the party having the ability (or the stomach) to fight a long term war against Democrats in this state who ARE prepared for it yet I hang in there because of………well what exactly? Third party isn’t for me but Independent registration might be. One “for instance”. Why don’t the Republicans in this state fight for a closed primary system so that Dems can’t vote in our primary and muck it up? You know the Dem activists do that yet I would bet my life that Repubs don’t play the same games. The other side will stop at nothing to win and we see the inexorable rise of their side every year. Sure there are years like 2010 but they are quickly followed by a wipeout and back we go to tax and spend. When will it end??

    • C. dog e. doG

      Perhaps you can help by rolling your own ball down a hill and see what gathers; bottom up vs. top down. What are your top 3 planks the NHRP should be focused on? And why?
      – C. dog

      • NHTrooper

        Though not necessarily in order I would say this. BTW, I have so many I really don’t know where to start but here goes anyway. #1 can start with what I stated above re: the closed primary. If we are going to continue as the 1st primary state then maybe we ought to set a standard re: who the Republican nominee should be instead of allowing Dems to screw with it.

        Regarding state issues I would say #2 could be a permanent ban on a state income tax as well as any sales taxes. Taking money out of people’s pockets just because they work here is inherently immoral.

        Third- a Wisconsin style law regarding public employee unions. I am a member of one (though one of the smallest in the state) and would have no problem if they stopped us from negotiating for wages and benefits. Of course over the long term that might mean a few less dollars in my pocket but hey, I’m a public servant so and I understand that my pay comes out of the pockets of people in the private sector for the most part. They’re paying the freight so I’m happy to have a job. Also I support the recent changes in the retirement system even though they are being contested in court. I understand that this last one would take immense political courage and so not likely to happen but you asked.

        If I sat and thought about it more I could come up with more no doubt but that’s a start.

        • C. dog e. doG

          I appreciate the concrete input. I hope a lot of other people contribute their 2¢’s worth. I suspect that the total list will be long, but the aggregate contributions will coalesce around a big two or three. Perhaps some savvy NH republicans will take such a list and negotiate substantive movement on some this session.
          – C. dog

  • Kevin Kervick

    Mary states it well, and the same applies to the national GOP.

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