I am not your subject…I am not your servant…I am not your peasant.

by Skip

Boston’s letter, titled “No ma’am,” was first posted on CNN’s iReport on Dec. 27 and quickly made the rounds on social media as he responded to all of the items that are known about US Senator Diane Feinstein’s gun grabbing legislation (for nothing says ‘gun grabber’ like legislation that requires fingerprints, a humungous new Federal database, and mandated confiscation of your guns upon your death)..

“I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America,” the eight-year Marine Corps veteran wrote.

He gets right to the heart of the matter – a point that most Politicians never ask as they write scads and scads of new legislation – does this conform to the basic philosophy of how this country was formed?  Does this met the ideas embodied in the Constitution – are you limiting yourself with your new bill to stay within a limited government framework?  At what point is enough, well, enough?  The Declaration says that government is created to secure the Rights that predate government – yet we now see, via Progressive policies written by Progressives (remember: Progressivism is merely Socialism implemented slowly) slowly whittling those Rights away (like the First Amendment’s Right to the freedom of religious expression, which Obama is single handedly re-writing as ‘freedom of worship).  Is this a function that is aligned with a limited stricture of the Proper Role of Government?

At what point do we hit that tipping point where we become subjects, either by de facto empirical results or by the mindset of those serving in elected, appointed, or bureaucratic positions?  When one is now going to pay over 50% of one’s income to Government (at the various levels, as what is happening in CA, IL, and NY), has not one become a servant to Government, that one exists to feed the State?  And has Government created a modern version of a peasant class (without working, however) with its ever growing entitlement / welfare state?

Put aside the premise that Government has gotten too big for its britches – what IS that track record, lately, of Government that says “hey, they could actually pull this off?  Um, actually, not all that great (do I dare say that nothing says incompetent success like abject failure?):

  • We have a government that can’t detect Medicare fraud
  • We have a government that can’t “rescue” disaster victims (FEMA and Superstorm sandy)
  • We have a government that already can’t deliver quality healthcare to people (American Indians)
  • We have a government that believes we can’t adequately choose the right foods, the right sized drinks, yet pays subsidies to those that create them (e.g., sugar subsidies).
  • We have a government that gives money to poor people that can’t afford food, then complains they are fat.
  • We have a government that is in war against the successful (i.e., Obama saying “at tome point, you ‘ve made enough money)
  • We have a government that believes we don’t buy the right kinds of cars (so sets CAFE standards to enforce what we should buy)
  • We have a government that believes that we live in the wrong areas, so created the Sustainable Communities Initiative to force us to (right Greg Carson, Secretary of the NH GOP)?

And they wonder why some of us are uttering the “T word” – Tyranny – as they ARE turning us into subjects instead of being servants to the Citizenry

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