Hey, James Foley! Skippie the basement blogger here! About your thin skin you showed on Saturday….

by Skip

Meet The Basement Blogger

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You know, James, I do have to say “Thank you” for saying what you did from the stage on Saturday.  Really!  There you were, all suited up, looking magnificently upon that lighted stage, with 450 or so Members of the State Committee, Press, and visitors watching your stately oratory.  Your report on the Finance Committee was perfection in audible form.  The number and event retelling was spellbinding – you had everyone’s attention to see how well you had led an important part of the NH GOP…

Oh, woopsies! I guess my current surroundings have me a bit distracted – I haven’t been able to blog from Mom’s basement – she passed away at the end of last year.

But yes, I was correct about the pin drop quiet in the auditorium and about the amazement in the crowd, but not for the serious purpose for which you were called upon.  Instead of doing what adults do, which is to concentrate on the task at hand regardless of distractions, to put the greater purpose on the front burner and push others aside, you became yet another symbol the Leadership of the NH GOP that seemingly disrespects the grassroots, only listening when they have to, and despising them in private for what they have to say.  Thank you for fulfilling the stereotype that we out in the hinterland have of how valued we are.  After all, with your own words, James, we all out here don’t count, none of the other groups that could be aligned with the NH GOP in complementary missions don’t count – all that is left is the insularity, the anger, and the dismissive wave of the hand.

A perfect metaphor of the NH GOP displayed by one of the Inner Circle.  I am GLAD that you, now former NH GOP Chair MacDonald, and NH GOP Area 5 Vice-Chair Alan Glassman have shown that “private face” (as the Japanese speak of) to we peons.  It shows that valid criticisms of the Party are not to be tolerated – after all “WE ARE REPUBLICANS – we don’t air our dirty laundry”.  Nonsense.  The problem is, as I have pointed out, that dirty laundry has piled up and is now becoming the obstacle itself – a self-serving habit that does the Party no good at all.  After all, one can only throw that dirty laundry into the dark corner for just so long until it spills out into the lighted part of the room.

And James, you certainly brought it out into the lighted room on Saturday.

So, while you may have thought you were “calling me out” in a power move (“Who are you, you lowly blogger to criticize ME, a Chair twice over!”), you did to yourself what I, an ordinary schlub,  could never have done by myself.  That, however, is of no consequence at all – as after all, I am only an ordinary schlub, just a grassrooter and have never aspired for anything higher.  Yes sir, I am not a tough guy, as you called me in the foyer.  Nor do I try to physically try to intimidate others, as you did, by pushing your belly up against mine as you made that utterance simply because I had a running camera.  No sir, I am fine at being at ground zero instead of the stratospheric heights in which you trod.

No, James, just like you say,  I am not a tough guy.  I am not a ungrown-up schoolyard bully, either.  Just a blogger that writes about wrong things – a bitter clinger to my guns and my Bible as another elite has said.  I will also add – our Constitutions and the Platform as well as they all represent what is right with America even as others try to ignore it or subvert their importance.  Nothing less, but certainly, nothing more.

Yet, perhaps unbelievable to many, I believe that you owe no apology to me for your actions on Saturday (not that the thought had actually occurred to you).  Why?  Because from what I understand, that was your true nature that you chose to display on stage on Saturday.  I do believe that you may well owe an apology to the Members of the State Committee for taking your beef with me and making it theirs.  And perhaps one other (for whom I feel really badly for).

You know, Chris Sununu was willing to come over to the ‘Grok table where we had a great talk on our livestream to discuss what he had to say about Unity and technology after his speech to the Members  – even taking my pointed questions about Unity and what the purpose of that should be.  No, we do not see eye to eye, but he listened, he responded, and was willing to interact about shortcomings that Grokster Mike and I had – with respect.  We hope to continue that discussion of grassroots and other factions in the near future with him, as well as the proper use of technology here in NH.  A great starting point for reaching out.

However, all of that went for naught – unlike the hand outstretched like Chris’s, there was a machete instead.  The grassroots folks (and others, I might add – I’ve had multiple calls today as well as emails) now have a concrete example on which to base their opinions of NH GOP and its Leadership – word has and is traveling fast.

Once again, Jennifer Horn has some quick decision, some hard decisions, to make.  I’m betting that she’s not too grooving to have been handed this particular problem this quickly on top of everything else.  I will end with a saying (in following in your fine example, James) with a spin on Francis Bacon’s words:

Mahomet cald the Hill to come to him. And when the Hill stood still, he was neuer a whit abashed, but said; If the Hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet wil go to the hil.

A saying about closing a gap, of articulating a goal, a joining, of unity, and that goal being achieved – very pithily stated.  What we saw on display was not a gap being closed but a gap being enhanced – one has to wonder what the goal really was?  And I doubt a single sentence would be sufficient to describe it.

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