Speaking of the NH GOP Area 5 Vice-Chair race….

by Skip

“What Difference Does It Make?” – one of the other things that I didn’t mention was that one of the “defenses” that MacDonald tried to use was “well, it was an uncontested race?”.  Seth Cohn easily refuted that “yes, but you destroyed the chance of anyone who had gone to lunch, believing that the recess for lunch had been officially called, to nominate someone from the floor – a valid part of the process.  Well, that finally was the clincher and the decision was to bring it back to the floor to a decision – re-vote now, re-vote at the end?  And then Chair MacDonald voted “Present” and left it to the winner of the first vote, Alan Glassman (current Barnstead-Alton Chair, Belknap County Chair, and incumbent / re-voted Vice-Chair – a “triple Chair”) to make the decision: “Do you want to do this again”?  To his credit, he said yes and the decision was made to do it right then and that the rest of the Committee would formally cast the one vote for each of the uncontested races.

Jacob Avery, as the official NH GOP staffer, oversaw the election (with good humor but efficiency, I might add).  He asked for nominations from the floor after announcing that Alan was the sole nominee – and Seth nominated me out of Principle: “People should have been accorded a choice the first time around – and it was not”.  I certainly did not campaign for the position – heck, I wasn’t even wearing a suit (setting up the Grok livestreaming gear often means crawling around on the floor – jeans are a much more suitable attire for that).  Three minutes were allotted for speaking; Alan spoke first and then I used my full three.

Jacob then asked for questions or comments – I asked to be recognized and said in trying to be bridge the gap (as I am seen as being one of those right-wing crazy TEA Party type guys that actually believes that being a “good Republican” means following the Republican Standard of Quality – the Platform (secondary only to both US & NH Constitutions).  Not only that, but I have no problem in pointing out “Alan deserves credit for being a stand up guy for agreeing to do this a second time.”

Alan then also asked to make a comment – and then launched into a tirade singling out a new person who had asked him a simple question – yeah, such bridge building to make what should have been kept between two people was now made a public row.

I knew of the question – the person who had asked it told me of the vitriol that was returned upon asking the question:

Are you registered to vote in NH?

What might have been a strange question to ask a sitting “triple” Chair is not when you know of “the back story”  Again, this person is new to politics and new to Republican politics.  She had overheard Alan’s wife, Jan, state that she was registered not in NH but in Florida.    Of COURSE, now that simple question has meaning – the person was just trying to fill in the large gaps that all newbies have.  Well, it is obvious that Alan Glassman took quite the umbrage at the question – highly insulted so it seems. And he let the person know.  To somebody that is new and asked what I think is an innocent question.

Good way to influence people and prove some memes that that the Democrats started – and once again, directed from Leadership at a grassroots type person who ran as a Republican because that person believed that the Democrats are ruining the country.  Someone that believes in the platform. Way to go.  Way to further the meme “gee, if the Republican leadership isn’t going to listen, if it is going to continue to berate the activists coming to the Republican banner….oh heck, why do I need to explain this stupidity?

Well, Alan, now that you made your ire public to State Committee Members of three Counties, now it is time to make your apology public too!

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