Was Millerick Donating Regularly to a PAC that Supports Prominent Democrats?

by Steve MacDonald

NH Journal took its first shot at Andrew Hemingway for daring to challenge the Republican establishments anointed candidate for NH-GOP chair.  Shawn Millerick sources his most recent remarks on the race for New Hampshire Republican State Party Chairman from a ‘Republican Reader,’ who forwarded to him a piece by the more-often-than-not left wing political meme generator, POLITICO.

The story recounts the mind-numbing volume of shady, fly-by-night PACs formed over the last two years ostensibly designed to help the pugnacious West, a conservative African-American Congressman from Florida.

So Shawn Millerick, the (r)epublican establishment meat puppet whose ‘Sources’ invented a meeting and its purpose out of whole cloth, which Millerick then posted without verification (becasue he probably made it up) and has yet to retract, now has a ‘Republican Reader’ who sent him an article questioning Hemingway’s motivation for using his PAC to support Conservative Republican Allen West for Congress…

OK Shawn I’ll play.  Why did your wife donate regularly to a PAC that gives half it’s money to Democrats in Congress and the US Senate?

Jayne Millerick, up until at least 2010, had donated $5000.00 dollars to the DCI PAC.  DCI PAC is the PAC name for DCI Group, which is a Lobbying and Public Relations firm in Washington DC.  Jayne gave $1000.00 to the PAC every year from 2005 through 2010, except for 2009.

On average DCI PAC gives about half it’s collections to Democrats running for Congress or the US Senate, and in 2010 it gave more PAC to PAC contributions to Democrats than Republicans.

Don’t worry.  The Democrats DCI gave to were all no-name back-benchers like John Dingell, Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ben ‘Kornhusker Kickback’ Nelson, and even Robert Byrd (to name but a few).

So Andrew Hemingway (is reported to have) helped raise money for a conservative Republican–according to and article in POLITICO, forward by another one of Shawn Millerick’s “reliable” sources (cough cough)…  I assume this is supposed to raise some taint or suspicion that will send us all running to kiss the hem on the skirt of the NH-GOP establishments anointed candidate for party Chair?

On the other side we have Millerick, a former NH-GOP Party chairman, who supports Jennifer Horn,  just happens to be NH Journal crack investigative reporter Shawn Millerick’s wife, is  an NH establishment Republican insider, a connected professional lobbyist, and has given thousands of dollars to a PAC that supports whomever in wants to tweak in the halls of power including prominent DC Democrats.

Now I know my revelation didn’t come from an unnamed source who just (coincidentally) made the whole thing up, or some chimerical “Republican reader” who happens to trust POLITICO, but I don’t see this as a winning argument for the establishments cause.


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