Was Millerick Donating Regularly to a PAC that Supports Prominent Democrats?

by Steve MacDonald

NH Journal took its first shot at Andrew Hemingway for daring to challenge the Republican establishments anointed candidate for NH-GOP chair.  Shawn Millerick sources his most recent remarks on the race for New Hampshire Republican State Party Chairman from a ‘Republican Reader,’ who forwarded to him a piece by the more-often-than-not left wing political meme generator, POLITICO.

The story recounts the mind-numbing volume of shady, fly-by-night PACs formed over the last two years ostensibly designed to help the pugnacious West, a conservative African-American Congressman from Florida.

So Shawn Millerick, the (r)epublican establishment meat puppet whose ‘Sources’ invented a meeting and its purpose out of whole cloth, which Millerick then posted without verification (becasue he probably made it up) and has yet to retract, now has a ‘Republican Reader’ who sent him an article questioning Hemingway’s motivation for using his PAC to support Conservative Republican Allen West for Congress…

OK Shawn I’ll play.  Why did your wife donate regularly to a PAC that gives half it’s money to Democrats in Congress and the US Senate?

Jayne Millerick, up until at least 2010, had donated $5000.00 dollars to the DCI PAC.  DCI PAC is the PAC name for DCI Group, which is a Lobbying and Public Relations firm in Washington DC.  Jayne gave $1000.00 to the PAC every year from 2005 through 2010, except for 2009.

On average DCI PAC gives about half it’s collections to Democrats running for Congress or the US Senate, and in 2010 it gave more PAC to PAC contributions to Democrats than Republicans.

Don’t worry.  The Democrats DCI gave to were all no-name back-benchers like John Dingell, Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ben ‘Kornhusker Kickback’ Nelson, and even Robert Byrd (to name but a few).

So Andrew Hemingway (is reported to have) helped raise money for a conservative Republican–according to and article in POLITICO, forward by another one of Shawn Millerick’s “reliable” sources (cough cough)…  I assume this is supposed to raise some taint or suspicion that will send us all running to kiss the hem on the skirt of the NH-GOP establishments anointed candidate for party Chair?

On the other side we have Millerick, a former NH-GOP Party chairman, who supports Jennifer Horn,  just happens to be NH Journal crack investigative reporter Shawn Millerick’s wife, is  an NH establishment Republican insider, a connected professional lobbyist, and has given thousands of dollars to a PAC that supports whomever in wants to tweak in the halls of power including prominent DC Democrats.

Now I know my revelation didn’t come from an unnamed source who just (coincidentally) made the whole thing up, or some chimerical “Republican reader” who happens to trust POLITICO, but I don’t see this as a winning argument for the establishments cause.


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  • Tim from Nashua

    Is Shawn Millerick a RAAAAACIST! Why no love for Alan West? Could it be because of his skin color?

    A lot of things are out there on the Interwebs, put out there by unnamed sources, including the probability that Sen. Harry Reid is a pederast. I tend to believe that one. 😉

    • nhsteve

      I’m not inclined to go there but we probably should ask some Democrats if this makes Millerick a racist. Wait. West is a Republican. Even if a RINO points out something about him it is not racism.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Geeze, after reading about all the muck just below the oily sheen of party politicking, I need to go seep in a hot cup of astringent tea.
    – C. dog, sans sugar

    • granitegrok

      It’s not enough to fight the Socialists and Democrats and Rinos (oh my!) Sir Dog – now we have hacks like Millerick and SURPRISE! Millerickette who, being lobbyists and political operatives, work the way their butter is spread. Maybe Obama does have something right about working merely for filthy lucre – it distorts the Principle of a thing -> and a person.

  • Van

    Why does Granitegrok have to attack the Millericks? I really don’t see any good this infighting is doing. How quickly they forget Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    Energy wasted attaching Republicans uses up twice the energy used to attack democrats. I stood right next to Jayne all day on Election Day freezing for a reason to elect Republicans. Perhaps our energy could have been better spent and I am all ears and I am very interested in what Andrew Hemingway has to say but am really at a loss with this infighting??????????????????????

    • C. dog e. doG

      You’re late to the RINO party Van. It all started with a fictitious meeting that took place but was attended by no one to put another name in the hat for Granite State GOP chairperson. If you follow all the links, you will make you’re way to the oven where all this was baked up. Say hi to Hansel unt Gretel.
      – C. dog

      • Van

        Are you calling me a RINO? Come on.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Not at all. Sorry for my late reply as my computer is fritzing. I do suspect those who are fabricating meetings out of whole cloth might be of that persuasion, and are desperately forming a party in the image of themselves. I’m more than glad to stand with conservatives who charge the palace under the gilded dome with the goal of making substantive strides – not vacillating baby steps – toward lady liberty. I hope you are one of them.
          – C. dog only bites the hands of those who force-feed

          • Van

            C. Dog, Thanks. I guess I misunderstood you. The year I turned 18, I voted for Mel Thompson, and Gordon Humphrey for US Senator. One year later I was wearing a Reagan button and convincing my parents to vote for Reagan and not HW Bush. I also picked Jack Kemp over HW. So conservatism is in my blood.

            I was brought up hard working blue collar. Paid my way through college because I parents were struggling under Carter. Big fancy cocktail parties are not my thing but knocking on doors, stuffing paper boxes with “lit drops” and writing letters to the editor are my thing. I have the pleasure to meet Steve Duprey and the Millericks many times and they were very kind and thankful for my efforts. Our worlds are quite different and I am sure we have differences but I would never call them RINOs.

            I am more like the salt of the earth Conservatives like Doug Lambert, and Ed Naile. I know it takes a lot of different kinds of people to make up one political party. If the conservative doesn’t win this time around i will be supporting them the next time around but I won’t sit on my hands and do nothing if my guy doesn’t win the primary and let losers like Barack Hussein Obama become president and people who stay home on election day because their guy didn’t get in ticks me off when they cause a conservative to lose or a moderate to lose and let a liberal democrat win.

          • C. dog e. doG

            I prefer the down-to-earth sort to the dandies any day. There are those who want to make real strides toward liberty, and those that pretend. I have a litmus test: school choice, property rights, free exchange. I hear nary a peep from the establishment types (mostly RINO’s) on these core elements. All they do is want to nibble at the edges of Democratic Party progress. FORWARD! indeed with “loyal” opposition like this seeking to attend the same cocktail parties. I prefer a stronger brew of tea, preferably doused in moonshine.
            – C. dog

          • Van

            Alright Dog!!!

    • granitegrok

      Simple reason (and C.Dog is right) – they threw the first punch with a story made “out of thin air” I attended a meeting that turned out to have never existed (in fact, they lied about the whole thing). In fact, I have been advised that it may well be actionable in court as they have not issued a retraction.

      Do you let people lie about you, Van, or lie about people who are your friends? And do nothing about it?

      • Van

        No, I do not let people lie about me and I am even further bothered by people who lie about their friends. I guess I have to do more digging to find out the details of this lie. My goal is to work this out. Plus I can’t stand infighting. Yes I have had to pull daggers out of my back from establishment Republicans but I kept on going and beat them or gained their respect.

        Grass roots is where it is at and once again I hope this lie is corrected.

        But I am amused by someone calling me a RINO.

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