So What If It’s Technically Impossible to Administer…

by Steve MacDonald

woman-spraying-perfumeNew Hampshire Democrats are ready to get serious about legislating matters that are important to New Hampshire’s future…so hey, how about we try to pass a perfume ban? (For state employees).

The important point to remember here isn’t that  a perfume ban was brought up in the last legislature and failed, and it is not that there is a need to discuss whether or not “how state employees covering their BO” might create an unpleasant environment–into which some citizens may be inconvenienced, it is how quickly can we use the power of the state to regulate it regardless of whether or not it would even work.


Rep. Christopher Serlin (D-Portsmouth), a member of the constitutional review panel, told HuffPost that… “We felt it was technically impossible to administer,” Serlin told HuffPost. “It opened the door to a lot of things that would get messy quickly.”

Then second…

Townsend [State Rep. Charles Townsend (D-Canaan) the new bills sponsor] said that he believes the legislation stands a better shot of passing next year, (/whisper…because the NH Legislature has got a lot more Democrats in it.)

Technically impossible to administer…could get messy quickly, but now that the New Hampshire House is run by Democrats it’s got a better chance of passing.

I think that says a lot about New Hampshire Democrats.  With more of them around that which is technically impossible to administer…becomes more likely.

Can we fit that on a bumper sticker?

Here’s an idea.  Drop the department heads an email.  Ask them to suggest to any staff who work with the public –all of whom (as people dedicated to public service) must surely be reasonable and sensitive to their myriad and complex relationships to the public they willingly serve–to tone it down a bit?  Men and women alike should choose milder fragrances with more neutral bouquets, and whenever possible use orderless deodorants and antiperspirants.  Just don’t stink, if that’s at all possible.

If they ignore the request to go mild on the scents, promote them.  Speaking truth to power clearly makes them more qualified for a leadership role in that department and this could get them farther away from the public.

Or you could fire them if they refuse to listen.  I hear there is actually an abundance of qualified people seeking work out there.


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  • C. dog e. doG

    But Steve –
    J’adore Eau-de-bureaurat! It brings work and productivity to a standstill; timeless.
    – C. dog

    • nhsteve

      It’s also extremely expensive….and it stinks!

  • The 2013 bill is similar to one introduced in 2012 by two Republicans, Reps. Abrami & Peckham. It was for whatever reason sent to the Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification, and it was killed. The committee report was fairly bland:

    HB 1444, prohibiting certain state employees from wearing fragrances. INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.

    Rep. Paul E. Brown for Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification: The majority felt that this bill has some merit in that certain people are allergic to fragrances. However, there could be a constitutional conflict between the rights of the employee and the possible health effects of an occasional customer contact with an allergy. We must be mindful that though we are an employer we are also the State. Vote 8-3.

    Committee report adopted.

    • I predict that this bill will go nowhere. The Democratic caucus’s leadership is actively discouraging rank and file members from filing bills like this one.

      • nhsteve

        How would they feel about a bill that taxed the crap out of fragrences making them so unaffordable no one could afford to use them?

    • Peckham & Abrami (along with two other Republicans) took up a perennial nanny-state issue in 2012 (the second year of O’Brien’s single term as Speaker): motorcycle noise. They are both from Hampton and that’s a big issue in their town. It had been the subject of many, many bills in the past, which had always failed miserably. This time, Peckham & Co. got their bill passed and signed into law.

      This was a little amusing because that was precisely the type of bill the minority leadership told us Democrats to avoid introducing while we were so hopelessly outnumbered.

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