So, looks like gun owners are hating Senator Diane Feinstein’s gun grab, yes?

by Skip

Or as I saw on one post “the only packing anti-gunner I know” – she’s got her CA carry permit and weapon and has said why she has it (…”I’ll take them with me!”).  Certainly, a lot of gun owners (or would  be owners) right after the Newtown tragedy felt that the gun-loathers (and those that loath those that have and use guns) would try another disarmament grab (regardless of what Senator Chuckie Schumer said).  But when they heard what NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said about signing legislation that had confiscation in it, and the new bill that Feinstein that all but outlaws most modern firearms AND calls for outright confiscation (“…until their deaths, at which point they would be forfeited to the government“).

So, are gun owners just laying down, ready to “take what’s coming to them”?  Hardly – they are arming themselves EVEN more if you look at the image (H/T: Legal Insurrection).

Strangely,  it seems that a whole lot of gun owners believe that guns (and the ammo that is used in them) are not bad things.

And yes, stores all over are out of almost everything.  I will be honest – I ordered some “large capacity clips” (heh!) that hold more than 10 rounds as well as some cases of .45 ACP and .223 ammo (and yes, there are times I fire > than a few hundred rounds at a session at the range).

Hmm, 10 rounds per magazine is the limit – is that because gun haters and fellow-citizen-haters only have 10 fingers with which to count?

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  • Bubbles

    Perhaps I am mistaken but isn’t 30 rounds the STANDARD magazine size?

    • granitegrok

      I’ve never seen anyone buy a smaller mag, but then again, I have only owned an AR for a few months and have never watched others. I will say that in the catalogs that now come to my home and on the online sites, I can’t recall seeing a smaller one….

    • allen

      some match shooters use the older 20 rounders, because it’s easier to go prone. they’re also used by some vehicle crews in other countries that use Eugene Stoner’s Rifle as they are easier to maneuver in the cramped spaces like a truck cab.

      but yes, you are correct. 30 has been the standard size since the late 60’s.

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