Update: Email Doodlings – “Who for NH House Minority Leader”

by Skip

As the saga continues – two updates on who will be the face of the NH GOP in the NH House:

  • At a gathering this weekend, the consensus was that the Party would be ill served; given how Obama and Dems have characterized the GOP, methinks he’d be called by the Dems and the Media “the old white guy”.  And would be hammered for that plus other stuff.  Not a great perception (which is worst, that or what they kept calling Bill O’Brien?).
  • Pam Tucker has announced that she has 70 House reps that are supporting her run (updated at this gathering to 80).

“Old white guy” doesn’t apply here for Pam – but would the Dems pick on one of their special interest group members (women)?  Oh, silly me -of course they would!  It is only Democrat women are special – they can call Republican women anything that comes into their silly little heads.  It only matters when it is Sandra Fluke talk-alikes.  That said, it would be like waving a red flag at bulls; we’d have a lot of fun here if they do so.

But there is another member of the Special Interest Minority Group group whose name popped up,

Sidenote: if women are 51% of the  population, how can they be a minority?  And since they are the majority gender, and according to Democrat philosophy only minorities can be oppressed, why are they still a special interest minority group?  Lack of consistency for mere vote getting?

Laurie Sanborn.

I had heard that she had announced an interest in running, but stopped.  That’s too bad as I asked several folks about her being the Minority Leader in the House and their responses were quite favorable and I could hear the wheels turning.  Like I saidhow well can she swing a cutlass at David Campbell“?  She generally is an amiable person, but there have been times when I have seen those eyes narrow.  Look, Andy is a big dude that I would not want to meet in a dark alley if he was mad at me.  Well, going on that quick glimpse of another side of her, if it were Laurie in that alley, would I ever know that something actually happened to me?  And is that transferable to politics (oh, fer sure….)?

Well, politics can be strange, fun – and things happen that one would not expect.  Voting is Thursday – might there be a stealth Draft Laurie going on that I haven’t heard about?

Just wonderin’…she did put together the largest caucus in the last session….

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