Email Doodlings – “Who for NH House Minority Leader”

by Skip

“I have a question for RLCNH legislators. Gene Chandler, or Pam Tucker? What are your thoughts? They seem to be the only two running…”

That was the question posed in an email list I’m in.  It was kinda interesting, as I had a phone conversation earlier this afternoon on this very subject and I spoke about, pretty much, as I answered back on the email list:

This guy: Keyser Soze

Somebody that will spit in the eye of the Dems, mean it, turn around, swagger back and then laugh provocatively.
After all, they have plans of absolutely running any R through with their cutlasses the first chance they can.

On a serious note, I’m not sure the Gene Chandler is the person I would want to see (that said, I’m betting he doesn’t care a whit what I think).  Pam Tucker? My only thought is “how well can she swing a cutlass at David Campbell”?

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