Guest post – Merrimack school district – salary portion of the budget

by Skip

It can be fun when you see what you might have thought was a passing comment turn into a real outcome.  Gary Krupp writes:

Ever since we spoke at the Defending the American Dream Summit down in D.C. [sponsord by American for Prosperity  -Skip] and you mentioned that InfoGraphics were all the rage, I had been trying to make one to convey some school policy stuff. I didn’t like any of them until I spent a couple of weeks making the attached one. It goes along with my education blog entry for this week ( I wanted to thank you for puting the splinter in my brain to head down a new path.

Merrimac School system Salary InfoGraphic - top

I love infographics – we are visual beings and a well done one tells an enormous story in a short pithy picture!  Brilliant!  Gary kept going – more after the jump!

Merrimack School system Salary info graphic

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