GraniteGrok Endorsement – NH State Senate District 4: Phyllis Woods

Phyllis WoodsSometimes you like the stances that  politician has.  Sometimes, you may not like the stances but like the person.  In this case, I am happy to say that I get to do both!  I’ve known Phyllis Woods (running for NH State Senate in District 4) for a number of years now (since becoming politically active) and have found her to be a nice, thoughtful, caring lady with a spine of steel when it comes to standing tall.  Over the last few years, she has worked on to recruit other Conservative ladies to run for office, encouraging with help on issues, campaigns, and other details necessary to be successful.  She has been a constant face at Conservative events for years, lending her reputation, her presence, and (again) her encouragement to “the grassroots” in the Liberty & Freedom area as well. She is one of the hardest working folks I know – and she has been a mentor to me, at times, as well – always having a willing ear at the ready. She also has been a tireless worker within the Republican Party, having recently served as the RNC Committeewoman from NH (and helping to maintain NH’s stance as the First in the Nation Primary).

I can’t think of much in the way of issues in which the ‘Grok and she part ways (yes, there are always the little things, but in the grand scheme?).  Thus, it is easy for us to say:

We fully endorse Phyllis for NH State Senate and ask for your vote for her.

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