2016 – The Obama Movie

If you’ve never heard Dinesh D’Souza speak before, catch him here, speaking to CPAC 2012 (speech begins @ 2:00).

He’s a brilliant, articulate author, President of The King’s College, and now his book, Obama’s America, has been made into a movie, that shows what America would look like, in 2016, in the fallout of a second Obama term.  This film is produced by Gerald R. Molen, producer of Rain Man, Jurassic Park, Twister, Minority Report, and Schindler’s List.

Obama’s America – 2016 – Love Him, Hate Him – You Don’t Know Him

For the moment, you can catch this move here, in NH, starting THIS FRIDAY:

August 24
Concord 10 – Concord, NH

August 24
Fox Run Stadium 15 & RPX – Newington, NH

New releases in NH will be announced here each week.