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Planned Parenthood – Gendercide? Yeah, We Can Do That. [Updated]

The process of moving the culture to the left continues apace.   A recent undercover video reveals that Planned non-Parenthood (PP) is willing and able to engage in the lefts long love affair with eugenics.  That is, to use whatever resources are at its disposal to craft the genetic make up of future generations.

Eugenics was the prime motivation for Margret Sanger (PP founder) to hand out contraception to those she deemed inferior; poor, minorities, etc.  She wanted to control and craft the master race by the systematic reduction of any gene pool deemed a danger to the coming socialist utopia.  (Ethnic cleansing, and the Holocaust are the most extreme examples of what Sanger hoped to achieve without the killing.)  So this is not a new idea, but just how far down the lefts  eugenics path have we traveled in America?

The left is so enamored of the practice that they wont even support protections against the risk of abortion based on race.    Aborting unborn babies for the sake of convenience is sold as being “about women’s health.”   Those seeking children have increasingly been willing or convinced to abort any baby that might be born disabled or with some form of mental retardation.   (Imagine the government deciding what constitutes diabled?)  And then there is China, where they do decide and punish you for failing to comply, the undisputed world leader in the business of gendercide–the intentional act of aborting the unborn based on gender, the gender of choice to be aborted being girls.

This is eugenics, all of it, and it is morally bankrupt.  And now Planned Parenthood in America is on the record supporting gendercide in the United States.  Yes, free people ,another layer of the eugenics onion, peeled away for your consideration.

So who is waging a war on women again?  How many EMILY’s list donation dumpsters in New Hampshire–hard core defenders of Planned Parenthood and state funding for same–Democrat women, will defend this practice, or stand up and oppose it?


[Update] Hot Air is reporting that PP has fired the compassionate care giver in the video along with a statement to liberal media that seems to contradict itself.

LifeNews notes that PP hasn’t put this statement on their website or Facebook page as of yet, but the statement raises a couple of questions.  If they think the video was edited to present the staffer unfairly, then why did they fire her?  I assume the “hoax patient encounter” is an argument that a normal patient (ie, one who isn’t an undercover reporter) wouldn’t have received this kind of advice, but (a) that’s pretty hard to believe after watching the video, and (b) if it were true, they wouldn’t have fired the staffer or scheduled the entire clinic for retraining.

Read the whole thing here…