Humane Society of US only gives 1% of its annual budget to pet shelters”

I stumbled on this video this past weekend (I don’t even know who to give a H/T too!) and am posting it as it struck a chord with me:

The chord?  All of our dogs have been shelter or rescue dogs:

  • Gypsy the rescue Greyhound
  • Tasha the Golden Retriever from the Laconia Animal shelter
  • Ivan the Shephard / South Rhodesian Ridgeback mix from the Laconia Animal shelter (now starting in on Year 16!)
  • Tyson the American Eskimo, a rescue from a failed relationship
  • Kiah the Manchester Terrier from the Laconia Animal shelter
  • Mieka the Lab mix from the Laconia Animal shelter

If what Humane Watch is true, it is a similar case to politics – we think that supporting individual politicians is better than just giving to a political Party (Republican or Democrat).  If you give to a group, STUDY and research what they are about AND verify their results (here in Conservative NH politics, I can endorse the Granite State Patriot Liberty PAC (GSPLPAC) as well as the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH (RLCNH).

But remember, animals are neither R or D, Conservative, Libertarian, Democrat, or Socialist (or other).   Support your local shelter!