Blogburst: A connection between NH AG Richard Head and convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin?

by Skip

WHY would Dick Head want to approach her even with a 10 foot pole?

You bet (to answer the post title question)!  Real easy too!  I had previously blogged this post “Why does NH AG Richard Head want James O’Keefe emails from a third party without a subpoena?” where Dick Head was inquiring of a Nadia Naffe: “Hey, you’ve got James O’Keefe’s emails”?  Remember, at the time of the post, James O’Keefe was supposed to be the Keynote Speaker at the Rye Republican event.  The night before, NH AG Dick Head issued a criminal grand jury subpoena against him, so under advice of counsel, James ended up Skyping in instead of being there in person. Well, right after that, we got wind that Dick Head had contacted a Nadia Naffe concerning what she said were emails belonging to James O’Keefe (see the post).  Also, this Nadia was already doing some stuff against O’Keefe, as Patterico outlines, and the RNC.

So, what does this have to do with NH AG Dick Head and Brett Kimberlin?  Well, Grok friend John Hawkins of RightWingNews interviewed Stacy McCain who because of his investigative journalistic blogging about Brett Kimberlin, had to leave his home in Maryland to an undisclosed location as Kimberlin started to call his wife’s employer in an attempt to force Stacy to quit the story.  Well, there was a mention of Nadia in that interview:

(Hawkins’ Note: One thing I found to be EXTREMELY interesting in looking back through these tweets is that I realized Nadia Naffe, who went to court and made some extremely dubious claims about James O’Keefe based on almost nothing, is connected to Ron Brynaert, who’s tied in with Brett Kimberlin. Her twitter account is also one of only 215 people following @BreitbartUnmask. Given the type of tactics that Kimberlin and his allies use, that really throws up some ENORMOUS red flags about the veracity of her allegations against O’Keefe.)

Also, it was clear that another blogger, Pattericohad been “SWATted” (a new term for me) by Kimberlin

I read that long post by Patterico in shock that Kimberlin was going “everything in” the intimidation book (calling his employer with false allegations, his wife’s employer, spreading rumors – go read the post).  SWATting is when a terrorist spoofs the victim’s phone number, calls into the police that a horrible crime is being committed that requires a SWAT team response at the home – and in Patterico’s case, he could have died.  So Stacy had a real good reason for bugging out for the safety of his family; a case, once again, where the Left is not content in arguing in the arena of ideas.  Nope; because they see conservatives as evil, they wish to isolate and silence them.  And she was playing a role in it:

Nadia Naffe’s civil claim against me — Nadia Naffe has now filed a civil claim against me and my boss Steve Cooley — and the lawyer is Jay Leiderman, an online buddy of Neal Rauhauser’s who put out a request on a defense attorney mailing list to investigate whether any defense attorneys don’t like me. Although I have not seen the legal claim myself, excerpts of Naffe’s legal claim have appeared at the web site of self-described Kimberlin supporter and Rauhauser friend Before the claim was filed, Rauhauser and @BreitbartUnmasked encouraged Naffe to file the sorts of claims that appear in the civil claim.

Naffe has publicly said that she plans to use her lawsuit against me to ask questions in discovery about the value of my house — a topic in which Rauhauser and @OccupyRebellion have expressed interest in the past. According to a friend of mine, Naffe has also said that she plans to ask me and my wife under oath the true identity of conservative blogger Ace of Spades. Which is not something she ought to care about, since Ace had never said a word about her (although he has now).

Given what seems to be close connection between Naffe and Kimberlin as I read through all of today’s blogburst* on Brett Kimberlin, So I ask again:

WHY would Dick Head want to approach her even with a 10 foot pole?

* blogburst- used to happen more a few years ago, but it is when LOTS of blogs decided to home in on a single topic – or in this case, a person.

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  • RICO, anyone?
    Why would Dick Head even want to create the APPEARANCE of impropriety by dealing with a shady character like Nadia Naffe and her even shadier connections?
    Lie down with lying dogs – get up with flea bites!

    • Dealing with shady characters is at the heart of being in law enforcement, particularly prosecutors. Suggesting DA’s or AG’s should steer away from shady characters is like saying they shouldn’t do their job.

  • At some point, someone might want to tell  us who Brett Kimberlin is.  I know he set some bombs off in an Indianapolis suburb, one of which gravely injured an innocent bystander— but that was back in 1968 and 1969. 

    • Please look around at our articles on the subject, and especially follow he links to Stacy McCain’s blog.
      Kimberlin and his henchmen use legal harassment and a variety of intimidation techniques to shut up bloggers and other critics. One attorney/blogger was ruined for defending in court a prior Kimberlin victim. Another was nearly killed when a spoofed emergency call sided a Swat team on him.
      Stacy’s family, and his wife’s employer were intimidated, so sh lost her job, they lost their home, and Stacy is continuing to ferret out information about this violent lying crook from a hidden location.
      In short, like bill ayers, he is a typical leftist crook made respectable in some circles by Soros’ money.

    •  Wilful ignorance is no excuse.
      He got out of jail and committed fraud and perjury to avoid paying restitution to his victims.
      He founded two left-wing organizations, which happen to 501c3s  – very odd that rich donors would put a felon, fraudster and perjurer in charge of charitable money.
      He doesn’t like his past discussed, fine, but the way he handles it is a combination of legal and illegal intimidation methods, in which he has ruined one lawyer/blogger, attempted to disrupt a great blogger, and sicked SWAT teams on two more bloggers.
      Please read all our articles on this shady character, and follow a few links. Then imagine if one of your enemies was that demented. Kimberlin need to be locked up, along with several associated.

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  • NH’s AG wants copies of O’Keefe’s emails because he’s doing his job. He is approaching Naffe because she has potentially incriminating evidence about voter fraud stunts.

    110,000 people signed a petition asking for Head to investigate whether O’Keefe broke laws in producing his undercover videos in NH.A court ruled on the admissibility of the emails. This article assumes following on Twitter, or communicating on Twitter equals endorsement. It also assumes that coverage on a blog equals coordination. What then of pro-Breitbart posts on Stormfront? Does that mean they’re in bed? Why not?

    Readers, this post is a waste of your time. If your attorney general is NOT rubbing elbows with people like Nadia Naffe, they are not doing their job and are ripping off taxpayers. The way you convict or absolve criminals is by investigating, cutting deals with accomplices. Naffe is a former collaborator of Breitbart and O’Keefe who turned whistleblower. 

    Even if she obtained O’Keefe’s emails illegally, it’s in her interest to make an immunity deal or at least expose O’Keefe’s stupidity. O’Keefe is asking taxpayer dollars to be spent enforcing privacy law just for him after he left his password on the computer of someone he groomed for snooping. 

    What a sloppy move, almost Darwinian. I would never leave important passwords with someone else – O’Keefe is lucky he didn’t divulge any embarrassing facts about folks like Breitbart, Hannity, the Kochs, Darrell Issa, or Peter Thiel.

    If he has nothing to hide, he’ll be in fine shape, correct? So why worry?

    • If I get enough people to sign a petition to charge you with murder, does that make it OK?

      • No. But just conducting an investigation would be fine, and then letting due process take it’s course.

        In this case, the statute as I understand it says simply asking for the dead guy’s ballot is a crime, there should never be a reason for anyone to ever ask for another person’s ballot, including undercover investigations.

        If O’Keefe is innocent, what would be the problem of looking through his emails? If he’s not innocent (for example if he conspired to request dead people’s ballots when it’s illegal), shouldn’t he be held accountable?

    •  Yes, 109,900 signatures, collected by American Progress, Daily Kos, People for The American Way, and the out of state funded Granite State Progress–and Zandra Rice Hawkins…and almost none of them from New Hampshire. 

      So what you’ve actually got is 109,900 left wing O’Keefe hater signatures, from all over the country, collected by far left O’Keefe hating groups, and maybe a few hundred NH left wingers are on the alist—none of whom even bothered to show up at the Rice-Hawkins petition unveiling at the LOB.  So maybe only a few dozen from New Hampshire?


      • Assuming you are right, do you stand by the general principle that out-of-state influence should not affect in-state matters? For example do you think Scott Walker and the WI unions should both reject donations that come from outside Wisconsin? If so, then I think we agree!

  • creeper00

    Thanks to Doug Ross for the link here.  RSM’s sudden departure from home after the phone call to his wife’s employer has not made sense to me until today.  I hadn’t realized that Patrick’s SWATting had already occurred.  No wonder Stacy left.

    Good work, GROK.

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