Anonymous Allegations?

Concord Monitor is deleting comments to stories about people who comment there on taxpayer timeOver at the Concord Monitor web site, someone going by the name of ItsaRepublic, has been doing some very heavy lifting for GraniteGrok.  They have gone to bat for us on our investigation of Public Employees who have been using the Monitor’s web site, during office hours, at taxpayer expense.  Not exactly a friendly environment to promote anything we do here, but we appreciate the effort.

And as I have pointed out previously, the Monitor had begun letting those sorts of comments stand (where in the past they had been known to ‘moderate’ them out of existance), and letting the debate take it’s bi-partisan course.   But when it comes to allowing links back to GranitGrok articles on the investigation itself, a CM Moderator has explained why they wont be doing that any time soon…

By CM Moderator – 05/24/2012 – 8:39 am

We do not post links to websites making anonymous allegations against real people. It does not matter whether the site leans to the right or the left.

That’s curious for a few reasons.  First, I’ve seen what the monitor passes off for news.  Enough said?  Second, Anonymous?  Allegations?

I have a real person (Dick de Seve), who happens to be a real State employee (DES), who admitted to posting real comments during real work hours (In an email to me, personally) (see also here), with corroborating evidence (600 comments posted at the real Concord Monitor, with real times and real dates), along with related posts on the real DES and State DoIT policies, and a series of real Right to Know requests and the results of those so far (far too numerous to link all of them here.)

Can we get real, here?

Admitting by name to the act, with substantial evidence, in clear violation of policy, is an “anonymous allegation?”  Talk about a tough room.

Then there’s GAIA, who is still anonymous, but whom the allegations against are not just substantiated (and twice what de Seve managed in a similar time frame), they too reside (in their greater abundance) on the servers of the Concord Monitors web presence.   This is a 30 year New Hampshire State employee, reading-digesting and posting political comments, during office hours, on state equipment, in violation of the state’s DoIT policy, when they are supposed to be doing the people’s business–that’s all the people’s business, whether they lean left or right.

In case this is too difficult for the left to follow.  You look at the comments, and the times and dates posted, and a calendar, and it all sort of comes together like a puzzle.   You know what else will come together rather easily?  I’m going to go back and look to see if either of these folks posted alleged links to other alleged websites, and if there are any anonymous allegations about real people on them which the Concord Monitor allowed.

Sure hope I don’t find any.  Wow, that could be embarrassing. (Good thing I have given them plenty of time to come up with another excuse.)

Not that it matters to the CM but regardless of their opinion of our investigation, we exposed people stealing taxpayer time and got them to stop.  All things being equal–and we know how much the Monitor like’s “Equality”–dozens or even hundreds of state employees of varying degrees of guilt may well have joined them and stopped wasting taxpayer resources on themselves.   We applaud this sudden, if unexpected bout of conscience but we’re not done.  We’ve got a few more on the burner, waiting to boil over, and we’re still looking.  That just might encourage other taxpayer funded folks to stop wasting taxpayers time and money, on taxpayer equipment and networks, whether the Monitor wants to help or not.

Of course the monitor could help.  We wouldn’t mind at all.   They could do their own investigation and help save the taxpayers some money… or try to pretend there’s no problem so we can later embarrass them with things we know already.  But I don’t think they will.   The overall message being promoted by state employees, at taxpayer expense (on their site or any other), is the message of the Concord Monitor.   It’s a left leaning, Democrat Party, tax and spend narrative.   Besides, if every state employee stopped posting at the Concord Monitor, on state equipment, during work hours, their page hits and unique users would probably take a hit so large you’d hear the smacking  all the way up in Pittsburg, NH.

Good thing a lefty, pro-socialist, rag like the Concord Monitor doesn’t give a damn about capitalist motivations like web traffic, and page hits, except for that whole capitalist pig pay wall thing, you know… um… well…awkward.  I guess they can always stick with Anonymous allegations schtick.  At least until we find links to them all over their pages.

I’m actually looking forward to that.