Why did M.I.A. Flip off my 11 Year Old Daughter? - Granite Grok

Why did M.I.A. Flip off my 11 Year Old Daughter?

Why did M.I.A Flip off my 11 year old daughter?
Why did M.I.A Flip off my 11 year old daughter?

I know that media and entertainment people live in intersecting bubbles where hordes of grovelers kiss their backsides 24/7/365 for the chance to ride on the coat-tails other peoples fame.  I get that even the most grounded among them will begin to believe that everything they do and say is as great as all the butt-kissers tell them it is.  But what kind of performer comes to the conclusion that giving 100 million people the finger (including my 11 year old daughter) is a form entertainment?

“What, this isn’t pay cable?”

We all say and do things in private that we’d never do in public, not just aware of the difference but respectful of who is in close proximity and capable of making an informed judgement on their tolerance for it.   In the absence of adequate information, ordinary folk refrain from doing whatever it is, aware of the concept of ‘polite company,’  where taking the “high road’ is the best and first course in all circumstances.  But not for half-time performers at the Super Bowl, where someone always seems to do something outrageous.  (With the exception of the Black Eyed Peas whose performance outrage was not crass or inappropriate–they were simply so horrible that 100 million people would have gladly glared over their nachos wondering if the group was lip-syncing because they actually sounded too good live.)

Speaking for myself, I do not much care how these folks conduct themselves in their own lives.  But it would be nice if someone would remind them that the Super Bowl audience, while not always polite, is still classified as polite company; that is to say, you cannot make an informed judgement on their tolerance for your asinine behavior.  Where taking the high road is the best and first course of action in all circumstances.

I was never quite sure why there ever was a half-time show, to be honest.   And history has yet to demonstrate that holding one has any value at all, unless the goal is to give a giant stage to people ill prepared for the privilege.   I’d rather watch more commercials and let the network and the league make a few million more dollars while I get another beer or relive myself of a previous one.   If I want to watch children perform I have my own.   They at least have the sense to behave themselves in public.

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