Hmmm, seems like NH Voter fraud has been around for quite some time…blast from the 2001 past

by Skip

So, you think this is a new thing just because Project Veritas decided to release a video?  One of the main complaints from Conservatives here in NH is that out-of-state students at our in-state Universities vote improperly.  Even as the major news outlets now have “crying in their cups” politicians going “Oh, mea culpa – we DO have a problem!” (or, at least, a “hmmm, we’d better look into this to Cover Our [political] A** because we can’t just wish this away.  Quick – rush out the platitudes!”.

So, here’s a great example of “something that doesn’t ever EVAH happen at our centers of higher education“:

However, as you hear and watch on TV: “But Wait!  There’s MORE!”

And there will be…

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