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Stop mocking kids - powerline blogEvery Friday a necessary read for me is Ammo Grrrll – a retired comedienne with a lovely sense of dry humor and lots of great turn of phrases. This Friday’s column was concerning the Parkland Kiddies; you know, “first I’m a high level Progressive Activist destroying peoples lives” – and when criticized – “How dare you pick on me, I’m a child!”:

But know this: the gun control despots will NEVER give up, as we can see with the well-financed Brain-Dead Blathering Teen Tour.

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What IS IT with these scrawny little future tyrants and their sexual imagery? Young muscle-free Mr. Hogg talking about elected officials being “the NRA’S bi****s” and childish Mr. Colbert smirking about “c*ckholsters” for Putin. Get some therapy, boys. Or at least some manners.

Obama fantasized aloud about “a million” Obama clones. (Maybe he recently saw Boys from Brazil on Netflix…) Well, sir, to quote Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns”: Don’t bother, they’re here!: the left-wing indoctrination factories masquerading as schools in all 57 of our states have easily churned out a million lazy, pompous, intolerant bullies and thin-skinned busybodies, long on unwarranted self-esteem and woefully short on knowledge or even curiosity.

My friends, we cannot get demoralized or discouraged. We have to fight. Make it your mission to get at least one new person to join the NRA. Consider becoming a Life Member or making an extra donation to its Legal Fund. Cede NOTHING. I do not want to hear about, I do not want to read about, I do not want you even to THINK: “Oh woe is us; the midterms are lost!” The midterms are seven long months away. If we can’t defeat these potty-mouthed little Tide Pod Snackers, we truly are lost as a nation. We must be the “winter soldiers” of Valley Forge. Watch the John Adams series or D-Day to grasp what was bequeathed to us in sacrifice.

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