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Of course, in the modern world of trillion-dollar governments handing out favors like Santa Claus, it becomes harder to distinguish between the producers and the transfer-seekers, the predators and the prey. The state tries to confuse us, like the three-card monte dealer, by taking our money as quietly as possible and then handing some of it back to us with great ceremony.

-David Boaz (The Libertarian Mind)

A GREAT example of that here in NH was my Jr. Senator from NH, Kelly Ayotte (R) concerning bringing Federal tax money back to NH to fight the heroin / fentynal problem (no, it is NOT an epidemic – there are no pathogens traveling around the ether that make people addicted.  Instead, it is a personal decision to snort or stick stuff in your body that you just shouldn’t do).  I dryly note that she vote to break the Sequester bill – the bill that for the first time in a long time, cut the Federal budget and thus lowered the tax/debt level that lays across our shoulders – quietly taking more of our money.  I have YET to hear her make big big stinks about NH money leaving to trudge down to DC and doing something worthwhile in stopping that journey. But boy, is she all over the media

from “ending the opiate epidemic” in which we will “lose an entire generation” and trumpeting her efforts (“great ceremony“) in bringing some of those bucks back that she has failed to keep here in first place.

Look addiction is bad, but is it a responsibility of the Federal Government to pay for drug interdiction / treatment here in NH?  Or is it the responsibility of NH Citizens to pay for their own?  How come “our problem, our responsibility” isn’t talked about more?

Why should Wyoming or North Dakota pay up for what is going on here in NH?  Or is it just dandy that we are, once again, socializing the costs personal decision that normally bring a negative outcome (which Progressives just CANNOT stand to see happen as in their Utopia, NOBODY should evah have to suffer a bad outcome (e.g., Obama saying that his daughters should not have to suffer for a bad decision – intimating a baby).

No, Kelly, we aren’t going to “lose an entire generation“; even at the rate of 1.5 people /day, in a State population of 1.3 million, that is just 0.04% of NH’s population – hardly an ENTIRE generation.  But hey, it makes for GREAT political theater in presenting the facade that Kelly can “end addiction”.

I guess she’s angling to wear King Canute’s crown…

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

by Skip

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