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So kids, what did we learn from Thursday’s House Session (06/06/19)?

We learned that it can take a very long time to get everyone greeted and seated when our friends from the Senate Chamber next door come over for a joint session in the House. We spent a good portion of the morning on 200th State House Anniversary  “Old Home Day” festivities punctuated by a lovely …

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Op-Ed: “Your State House”

by NH State Rep Carol McGuire | Your State House Volume: 2019-22 – To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, & Pittsfield: This week, back from vacation, my committee met to recommend four Senate bills. These had passed the House on the recommendation of another committee, but had some aspect that deserved further scrutiny. SB 80, …

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Where New Hampshire Democrats Pretend They Want to Protect You From Taxes

Democrats are blaming Gov Sununu for failing to appear at the special session of the legislature. It is their contention that the legislation meant to put a stop gap on other states taxing New Hampshire business after the Wayfair decision could have passed the house had he appeared to support it. No, it wouldn’t. Here’s why.