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Manchester NH City Hall

Homelessness Declines in New Hampshire Despite Democrat Run Cities

One of those nutty gun-grabbing leftists was heard to note on social media recently that the number of gun deaths in New Hampshire went up last year. She left out a critical point. Yes, primarily in Democrat-run cities. The same places that are responsible for the majority of violent crime across the US.

Supreme Court Heard Oral Argument in a Blaine Amendment Case

Deportation for Violent Felonies?

Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices heard oral arguments Monday in Barton v. Barr. The case asks the court about legal alien status and whether a green-card holder not seeking admission to the U.S. can be “rendered inadmissible?”

Concealed Carry

Experts Can’t Quite Put a Finger On Why NH’s Violent Crime Rate is so Low

From today’s Union Leader, front page, “NH Has 3rd Lowest Violent Crime rate.” The Granite State had the third-lowest rate of violent crime in 2017 — 198.7 incidents per 100,000 residents — trailing only Vermont (165.8) and Maine (121). Violent crime was down slightly nationwide, and it was the second year in a row that New Hampshire’s …

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Ban Cities Not Guns…?

A quick look at violent crime, how it has improved, and where it is not improving. Who is it that runs most major cities?  Who want’s us all corralled into urban areas?  I think the answer to both of those questions is (overwhelmingly) Democrats.  Just saying. H/T JR Hoell