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The Democrat’s Transgender Murder “Epidemic” is a Myth

So many lies so little time but we’re trying to catch up. Liz Warren, apparently, made a big deal at one of those Dem Debates about the murder rate for transgender (women of color). Pete Buttigieg got on board too. No data. Just emotion. Crisis! As usual, they were full of it.


Demonazi’s are Pissing Off Feminazis

Democrats are all in on the trans thing, all the way to men taking over women’s sports. Women are getting pissed. Democrat feminists are getting pissy. And the Liberal media won’t even let them complain about why.

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Appeals Court Upholds Trump’s Military Transgender Ban

A Federal appeals court has upheld the partial ban on transgenders serving in the military. In their opinion, the lower court erred in its judgment that the policy was the equivalent of a blanket ban. According to Western Journal,  “The government took substantial steps to cure the procedural deficiencies the court identified in the enjoined …

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