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PSA – Spending Caps and The Rooms and Meals Tax

New Hampshire’s Republican Majority has done some decent work on lowering taxes in this year’s session. Two of the measures they are promoting including returning more rooms and meals (sales) tax revenue to cities and towns. Another is a spending cap bill.

Mayor Gatsas Goes after The “Benfit Plan One-Percenters” in Manchester

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas is singing a tune we like to hear and one that I have advocated for myself.  What is it?  Hidden in the Cadillac plans of public sector employees is a revenue resource that must be tapped. Gatsas is standing up for taxpayers, and defending the spending cap, in his negotiations with the Teachers union with regard …

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To Spend And Protect

The State Supreme court announced that is sees a conflict between current state law and spending cap initiatives approved by voters (Manchester in particular).  This is not unexpected but it is fortuitous, and to some degree ironic.  In their quest to defend any liberal-leaning municipalities desire to spend beyond the ability of their residents to …

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