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Stem Cell Research Company Walks Away From Embryos

Stem cells.  You heard of them?  Democrats love stem cells.  But just the Embryonic variety.  Progressives love them so much they put embryonic  stem cell research on the pedestal right next to renewable energy as evidence of their commitment to “science.”  We heard all about it back in 2008. President Obama rode the Stem cell …

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The big news in science is the discovery of a ‘Goldilocks’ planet orbiting an Earth-like sun at a distance referred to as the ‘habitable zone.’ This is great news. The party of ‘Science’ should build a ship and occupy it as soon as possible. No need to wait for conclusive evidence of habitability. I mean, …

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Out On A Lim

I can’t count the number of self declared “regular churchgoers” that I know who have no idea what it actually means to be Christian, or take away any meaningful lessons from the experience. I see them struggle with life as if completely unequipped to handle even the simplest challenges. Every new book, idea, plan, or program that comes along is the next path to understanding and happiness. And for a few weeks or even months they think they have found it until it collapses under its own weight.