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Channeling Thomas Sowell

Discipline and accountability Some years ago Thomas Sowell wrote an article about the utility of discipline and accountability. Come, let’s try to channel a bit of Thomas Sowell. Giving black students in the 1960’s inflated grades when they were admitted with low academic qualifications avoided lots of time wasting hassles for the instructor. Those hassles …

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Making Racists As Needed

MSDNC talking head Toure (Toure’ Too-Rah!) is  a race pimp, or at the very least a race-baiter.    If there was any room for debate about that, he has recently removed all doubt. Waxing leftist-philosophic on the Aurora Massacre… I would hope that it would be something like a Trayvon Martin situation that would make …

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The House Passed It, Now Look At What’s In It

I hope Rath Young Pignatelli, Shaheen and Gordon, and all the other leftward Lawyerly types are prepared for a shot of mandatory diversity.  Those democrat congressmen from New Hampshire they like to donate to—so the government can make more law for lawyers to lawyer over—just passed more than a financial regulations bill when they voted …

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