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Crazy Uncle Joe Tries to Claim the USMCA Wasn’t a Trump Win


Crazy Uncle Joe Biden tried to make that case that USMCA wasn’t a Trump win. Jake Tapper’s response was the agreement came into being with Trump’s signature. It came about because of Trump’s promise to renegotiate the deal. Biden’s Party had no interest in doing the work in 2016.

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In a CNN interview with former Vice President Joe Biden, he says President Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA was good. Well, not just good, it’s a better policy than his inheritance (NAFTA).

This is Trump’s United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement. It is a huge trade deal. It is also one for which Trump gets no credit.

Guess we mark this down as another ‘promises made, promises kept’ moment for Trump. The president promised to do this in 2016. Then got it done. And it’s better than NAFTA. Joe just made the confirmation of that as a fact. Biden in his first act as Trump spokesman says USMCA beats NAFTA.

If you are a blue-collar type who went with Trump in ’16 you have a pretty good reason to vote for Trump again. Not only does he do what he says he will do. You know he follows through. This time with a stamp of approval from Joe Biden.

If Trump produces for you and the opposition could not or would not for 8 consecutive years, well, who are you going to choose on November 3, 2020?