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Cornerstone Legislative Update – Big Week for Bills We Are Following

With many bills on the House agenda for March 11 and 12, we recognize that this is not practical. If you choose to email your state representatives on the following House bills, mention in the subject line that you are a resident of the rep’s district. As always, the best messages are brief, clear, and courteous.

“Carefully considered and narrowly tailored…?”

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch Vetoed SB175 this week, a bill that would allow heirs to control the commercial use of a celebrities identity.  But I’m not all that interested in the Veto or the bill, I am more…amused…by the hypocrisy in his explanation for it. The Union Leader reports Governor Lynch as suggesting that …

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Monitor Get’s It Right

The people of New Hampshire take note.  Free speech is far too fundamental to democracy to be restricted on the fly by ill-conceived and little discussed measures cranked out in the waning days of the legislative session by lawyers and lawmakers who are overreacting and overestimating their abilities. Legislative leaders are writing laws limiting First …

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Did Ray Buckley Lie?

Do Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire Democrat Party Lie?  See for yourself.  Here is an excerpt from an NHDP press release that quotes Mr. Buckley directly. SB1459, which is before the state senate this afternoon, would hold foreign entities accountable for spending money intended to influence the outcome of domestic political campaigns. … "There …

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Hassanosaurus Rex Revisited

The speech restrictions in HB1459 have suddenly caught everyone’s attention thanks to Cornerstone Policy Research, so I thought I’d resurrect my post from two weeks ago on the subject.  (Posted at NHI and Granite Grok). It’s not as pretty or filled with exclamations in all caps bold red text, but…it came out two weeks earlier …

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Hassan’s Special Interests

Skip has done a great job piling on this Hassan HB1459-political speech issue, and I’m not sure how much more we can add today, but this quote caught my eye, Skip didn’t take it in the direction I expected. (So I will) Maggie Hassan is quoted as saying… “Millions of Americans invest retirement money in …

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