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Gun Control

Gun Control in NH


From the Women’s Defense League Extreme Risk Protection Orders – “AKA “Red Flag Laws” – Are Too Extreme for New Hampshire Stop House Bill 687 Before It’s Too Late The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the NH House voted 10-10 to get Bloomberg’s Red Flag bill out of the committee and into the …

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Gun Confiscation Battle Could Pit National Guard Against Virginia County Militia

The incoming Democrat majority in the Virginia State legislature has stated intentions to pass gun control confiscation in January to address the Governor’s call for “common-sense public safety laws” — including universal background checks and bans on assault-style weapons and bump stocks. 75 Virginia counties pushed back and preemptively declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries in …

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145 CEOs Beg for Gun Control

Chief Executives from 145 different companies signed a letter urging the Senate to act on “common sense” gun control.  Here’s a handy list of those companies, to do with as you please. **Forgive the formatting – copy pasted from PDF (attached at bottom)** Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, Head of Community and CEO, Airbnb Keith Mestrich, President …

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Jerry Nadler

House Judiciary Considers Federal Gun Control

The US House of Representatives on the Judiciary today considered three federal gun control packages that would bring Commiefornia or Marxichusetts type ‘gun control’ laws to the entire nation. H.R. 1236 – Extreme Risk Protection Orders You should know about ERPO (Red Flag Laws) by now if you read GraniteGrok regularly, but if you don’t …

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More Corporate Virtue Signaling

CVS, Walgreens and Wegmans are the latest corporate #MeToo virtue signalers. On Thursday, September 5, CVS, on their CVSHealth,com site released the following statement: We support the efforts of individuals and groups working to prevent gun violence, and continually review our policies and procedures to ensure our stores remain a safe environment. We join a growing …

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