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Deval Patrick considering Presidential Run?

Former MA Governor, Deval Patrick, is reportedly considering jumping into the Democrat field of President. Just as we thought the field was starting to dwindle down, two candidates have ‘announced’ their entrance to the primary field this week. I don’t know what the count is now on candidates, but I do know Deval Patrick doesn’t …

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Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is preparing to take drastic measures. Gabbard is one of 12 candidates Democrats expect to be on stage next Tuesday for the debate. But does any of that matter given how the DNC conducts its primary?

NH Dems Diversity Olympics

The New Hampshire Democrats submitted their plan for delegate selection to the National Democrat Party, and it was accepted.  The 76-page document (76 pages?) can be read here. Luckily they included comments at the end on the overall delegate selection rules put forth by the DNC. Some, including Senate President Donna Soucy (D- Manchester) are …

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Obama Middle Finger

Democrats Continue to Bludgeon Obama’s “Legacy”

One of the more amusing features of the 2020 Democrat primary for president is the main-streaming of Obama and how that’s bad. He’s been backbenched as a lousy insider who couldn’t get it done. By the left. And now the DNC has just undone another of his legacies.