DNC Delegates Should have to Vote for their Nominee By Mail - Granite Grok

DNC Delegates Should have to Vote for their Nominee By Mail

Democrat Party

Now that the DNC Convention is underway, I wish I’d thought of this sooner. Wouldn’t it be grand if the Democrat party Delegates could only cast votes for their nominee by mail? Vote by Mail. It’s all the rage.  And we could get a test run at this plan of theirs for the General election.

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The obvious problem is that if we did it that way, we might not know who the nominee is by the election, and that could be a problem. If he’s not the nominee, he might not be on the ballot. Democrats would be suggesting we delay the election (which we know they oppose if anyone else suggests it).

What to do, what to do?

Here is an idea, and I’m not claiming it is original or that it is mine. Let’s declare polling places on November 3rd as protest sites and everyone who shows up to vote a protester.

Protesters don’t have to social distance or use hand sanitizer or carry Lysol wipes, and even masks are optional, and that’s important. The picture on your approved ID doesn’t have a mask on it, so you’ll be easier to identify without one.

We have an election, and then we don’t have to wait six months for the post office to deliver ballots or not deliver them. No trunks of ‘misplaced’ ballots appear magically in tight races.

We’ll have a winner, probably before midnight, especially if the DNC is still waiting for their nomination votes to be counted and then all the ruckus over how Hillary managed to take the lead.

Just a thought.