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Qualifications to Head DCCC

Qualifications to Head DCCC

What exactly are the qualifications to head the DCCC? Western Journal has been on a rant about this and maybe for good reason. The new executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was announced last week. She’s, as one would expect she is a pro-abortion Democrat. What identity politics looks like According to …

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The War on Women Is Not Over

How do you know when a Democrat is lying?  Their lips are moving.  And Rosengate, the shooting star calamity set off by Hilary Rosen’s orchestrated  remarks about Ann Romney and how stay at home mom’s don’t work, provides that much more proof that the adage is true. Brad Woodhouse from the Democrat National Committee, from …

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DCCC Annual “Ruin Thanksgiving” Cheat Sheet

Every Thanksgiving we can now expect the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to do to your holiday what it has done to everything else it touches–ruin it. This year is no different. They have once again equipped your obnoxious left-leaning relatives with their very own palm-card.

DCCC Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

The Morons at the DCCC have done the nation a service this Thanskgiving. They have sent out an email to arm the tin-foil hat army with a ‘cheat sheet’ in the event that they find themselves in this unfortunate situation.