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Dan Mitchell incredulously interviews J-Ho

J-Ho and The Lincoln (Republican Sellout) Project

Sinking to “Fungus Cullen” levels of irrelevance, Jennifer Horn was spotted today around the NH Primary media rooms of the Doubletree hotel, and she was actually being trailed by videographers. Stunned that anybody would find J-Ho’s increasingly un-Republican viewpoint of interest, I noted that she at down for an interview with Dan Mitchell of WKBK …

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603 Summit: Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell is an economist and is widely read and commented on across the Conservative blogosphere; I have quoted his work a lot over the years.  Well studied, clear writings, and often, good infographics. If you ever get the chance, search out his articles (there are MANY!) and settle in for a great read. He …

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woorkers vs looters right enemy wrong enemy dan mitchell

Re-framing: Workers vs. Looters

Last night’s Tucker Carlson show included a spot with Nomiki Konst, a former Bernie Sanders’ surrogate.  Tucker started off with this challenge: “Name one proposal in the Green New Deal that you’re aware of that would not increase the power of the Democratic party.”  What followed was not a debate about policies, but rather, a …

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