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Mayor Joyce Craig

And Then, Just Like That, Student Privacy Didn’t Matter in Manchester

Mayor Craig sits atop the Board of School Committee. By all accounts, her office, the Mayors office, is heavy-handed in that role. The as-yet-unconfirmed rumor is that this interference is behind the abrupt departure of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas. It is also in play when it comes to partisan politics, student privacy, and the law.

Manchester Democrats Are Afraid of Rich Girard.

The Left likes to tell you who scares them. One of the signs or symptoms of this condition is hyperbolic imaginings. Organized into a systematic hit. Like those on display from Manchester Democrats directed at Board of School Committee member Rich Girard. It’s not just THAT they are accusing him of inappropriate communications with a …

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Rich Girard -School Board Transparency

Humble host Rich Girard comes out from behind his microphone to get behind ours as we discuss Education issues, transparency from administrators and school boards, and his upcoming election for a seat on the Manchester Board of School Committee