ACTION ALERT: Tell Janet Stevens and Ted Gatsas to Vote "NO" on VACCINE DATABASE! - Granite Grok

ACTION ALERT: Tell Janet Stevens and Ted Gatsas to Vote “NO” on VACCINE DATABASE!

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The Executive Council will vote this Wednesday morning at 10am whether or not to accept $27 Million from the federal government for a Covid Vaccine database.  The GraniteGrok’s Skip Murphy wrote an article on why you should care.

I heard from multiple sources that Executive Councilors Dave Wheeler and Joe Kenney were on the correct side of this issue – and will vote to deny accepting the federal money.  Those same sources believe that Councilors Janet Stevens, Ted Gatsas and Cinde Warmington are going to vote to accept the money, and put NH’s sovereignty at risk.

This is an important issue.

I sent an email to all five Councilors and also called their offices.  I received a call back from Janet Stevens last night and spoke with her for about 25 minutes about my concerns. My first question was: “Will you vote against taking the federal funds for the Covid Vaccine database.”

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She told me she had not made up her mind, but her responses to every one of my concerns inferred a different story.  Every response was a disappointing Sununu talking point – and Sununu wants the money.

Although she denied it – and may not have realized it, every response that Councilor Stevens provided during our conversation was supportive of taking the $27 Million to setup the vaccine database that will be used to track everyone who has been “vaccinated”.  If passed, it will soon lead to the enforcement of “papers please” restrictions on those who have not submitted to receiving the jab.

Being vaccinated (or not)  is a personal issue – and a personal choice.  If you are not “vaccinated” – it won’t be long before they come to your door and persuade you and your family members to submit.

That scenario is disturbing.

The Executive Council is a firewall body that is intended to be a checks and balances with the Governor. Which is why I ask everyone to respectfully send Councilor Stevens a text message at (603) 498-0546 to remind her she works for us and NOT the Governor. Tell Stevens how you expect her to vote AGAINST the Covid vaccine database #9b & 9d.   (BTW, her cell number is publicly displayed on the EC website so I am not sharing private contact info)

Then please call AND send an email to each Executive Councilor and ask them to vote NO as well.

Here is what I emailed to each Councilor:

Dear Executive Councilors,

I am writing to ask that you uphold your oath to the NH Constitution and vote “NO” against the $27 Million for Covid programs that has Federal strings attached to it that will take away personal Rights AND NH sovereignty.

You should be alarmed by this binding clause:

“comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the [federal HHS] Secretary regarding control of the spread of COVID-19”

Your oath to the Constitution prohibits your acceptance of those terms.

The Governor is wrong on this issue, which will lead to NH citizens being asked to present “papers please”.  Each of you must remember you support your respective districts and NOT the Governor.

The decision to get the Covid vaccination (or not) is a private, personal one – and must be kept that way.

Each of your votes must be founded on the oath that you took to the NH Constitution when you took office in your EC position. A vote of “yes” to approve this funding is a violation of your oath.

Please vote wisely.

Ken Eyring
Co-founder, Government Integrity Project

This morning, I received another phone call from Councilor Stevens.  She angrily (and incorrectly) accused me of telling people she was voting for the vaccine database.  That is NOT an accurate statement.  I have expressed my honest concerns to those I know (and in this post as well), while encouraging everyone share their thoughts with every Councilor.

You can and should also make your voice heard by attending a protest on Wednesday morning before the vote.  It’s being organized by the RebuildNH Organization, who have done an excellent job of alerting us to important issues.

Date: October 13, 2021
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: 17 Institute Drive, Concord, NH (same location as the Executive Council meeting)

For your reference, here are links to the contracts being questioned:

9b  [bravo]

9d [delta]


H/T: RebuildNH