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Was Donald Trump’s Vaccine Push a Countermeasure to the Great Reset?

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There seems to have been a significant amount of Trump voters who questioned Trump’s Operation Warpspeed, and rightfully so. An avid Trump supporter myself, I went through a couple-month phase at the beginning of 2021, where I questioned why he would push the vaccines despite the big pharma and central banking industries profiting from the china virus.

Donald Trump was and still is a Godsend. I know he is a human, and like all of us, humans are not perfect, and would often tell myself maybe this was one of these rare times he made a bad judgment call.

As I continued to tune into some truth seeker and patriot independent podcasts, daily videos, etc (an example being the X22 Report) and listened to the critical and tactical analysis of some of their thoughts on this matter, I decided to not settle with my own premature decision on Trump’s Operation Warpspeed. Instead, I kept my skeptical thoughts in the back of my head and told myself the hints and answers will reveal themselves over time.

Fast forward to the late spring and summer of 2021. The grassroots activism pushing back against the vaccine mandates and passport mandates worldwide combined with the cyber patriots behind the scenes leaking out pieces of vital information on the vaccine industry and their inner working their global counterparts, Trump’s vaccine push starts to make sense from a very deep, strategic vantage point.

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In my opinion, Trump had two choices in 2020. Either allow the economy to stay locked down for years while the pharmaceutical companies “develop, test and approve” a COVID vaccine or fast-track the vaccine supply distribution.

At face value, the better scenario does not seem good in absolute terms. However, given the information about the Great Reset Trump knew about and was warned about, in my opinion, he did a comparative analysis between both choices: counter with a vaccine or allow worldwide lockdowns to endure for a year, the latter which would set the ground work for a slower vaccine creation cycle to justify FDA approval.

Perhaps this is what he meant when he has referenced being at war with the silent enemy?

Please see an open letter written to Trump in 2020 by the Archbishop of Ulpania, warning Trump of the Great Reseat Plan to enslave humanity under the auspices of a public health emergency derived from “COVID.”

As a result of fast-tracking the different COVID vaccines, they were promoted under an Emergency Use Authorization status. This makes it much easier for patriots and concerned people on the fence to fight unconstitutional vaccine mandates (regardless of any level of government or corporate institution).

The fast-tracking of any vaccine that has not been allowed to go through the academic research, pre-clinical, various phase trials, and proper safety measures for the building of its factories and manufacturing, constitute them as experimental, which violates the Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Declaration, as well as US Federal statutes here.

If Donald Trump would have decided to keep the economy closed and the global cabal players to go unchallenged with the Great Reset, the craziness that the world has experienced now likely would have been astronomically worse by now. We still have many battles ahead of us with the vaccine mandates and in some countries, with the vaccine passports, and the plethora of health-related draconian measures, yet despite all this, this pales in comparison to the asserted levels of carnage and destruction that would have occurred from years of hardcore lockdown.

Think about higher levels of domestic violence, abuse, drugs, higher unemployment, lack of socializing with family and friends, a range of severe psychological disorders, etc.

Furthermore, the global alliance of nation-states, big tech/media companies, big pharma, supranational organizations such as the World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund all support massive vaccine distribution. They all viewed the pandemic as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accelerate their Great Reset goal to usher in the global socialist order. In this order, civil liberties are curtailed under the auspice of public health measures, engineered by propaganda, and the government is seen as the savior of people from a bad economic and medical crisis.

Trump countered the Great Reset with the vaccine while simultaneously bringing to light therapeutics that also worked and the Deep State’s vicious censoring of medical professionals who spoke favorably of HCQ and Ivermectin.

He also encouraged patriots of many backgrounds to challenge medical tyranny through Constitutional and peaceful forms of civil redress and empowering people to think for themselves and break free from the chains of indoctrination and propaganda.

Trumps’ decision allowed the existing legal foundation to be used by courageous people of many backgrounds to stand up and expose the medical deceit, dangerous protocols, and abuse of government and corporate power against citizens of all countries. Since the vaccine was so connected to the globalist order, Trumps’ unpredicted launch of Operation Warpspeed on his time and not the cabal’s, started a process that unravels parts of the globalist framework the vaccine is injected into.

Since the lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, suspension of civil liberties for unvaccinated are being challenged, all of which the globalists did not anticipate with the issuance of the vaccine, their narrative is falling apart and people are starting to see through it.

Is it possible Donald Trump had a deep, ulterior motive to pushing the vaccine? Is it possible that he is allowing the medical-technocratic oligarch psychopaths to hang themselves in a real-time operation?

This is not to negate the dangers of untested vaccines. I am simply trying to think from a 40,000-foot elevation status to think of the big picture. Trump has mentioned in the past before, that we are at war with a silent enemy. Never interrupt an enemy while they are destroying themselves. Time will tell what the truth is. Draw your own conclusions.