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AMERICAN HERO Kate Bossi Acknowledged for Her Courage!

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Government is being weaponized against citizens, and it is encouraging to see people like Kate Bossi – a grandmother and Sunday School Teacher – who have had enough of government interference in our lives! Bossi took a stand for common sense, personal responsibility and liberty.  Bossi is a principled role model who stood against the tyranny of Timberlane School District Chair Kim Farah – even under the threat and subsequent arrest for not wearing a mask.  Her brave actions in the face of fabricated government adversity is why she received a special “American Hero” award on May 22nd for her exemplary courage to stand for Liberty and our Constitutional Rights.

What Kate Bossi did was to put a spotlight on the insanity of the never-ending creep of government intervention into every aspect of our lives – while faced with the threat of being arrested.  Bossi is a hero for overcoming her fears and doing what is right for all Americans.  More people like Bossi need to stand up and say “No more! We know how to think for ourselves!”.

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The award was presented during the official launch of the GIP on Saturday, May 22nd. Even with three other significant events held in the State on that day, the GIP event drew 350 grassroots activists from all over New Hampshire and surrounding states.

Notable speakers included Senator Bob Giuda, Marylyn Todd – Founder of the NH Voter Integrity Group, Corey Lewandowski – Former Campaign Manager, Greg Moore – NH Chapter Americans for Prosperity, Jim Kofalt – Founding Member of 603 Alliance, Nick Moseder – You Tuber & American Patriot, Skip Murphy – Founder of Granite Grok and Bao Chao Kelley – Level5 Media.

Other awards were given to people who have also helped raise awareness of the issues our country faces. Marylyn Todd and Tom Murray both received awards for their dedication to election integrity. Senator Bob Giuda received an award for NH legislator of the year. Bao Chau Kelley (Level5 Media), Skip Murphy and Steve MacDonald (GraniteGrok) all received awards for their dedication to reporting the truth.

The purpose of the event was to bring liberty minded people and groups together; to begin building a strong base of concerned citizens to address important issues; and to empower individuals by uniting them to speak with one loud voice.

The GIP believes the time is now for Americans to take personal responsibility for the future of our country. Together, we will restore traditional American values and integrity in our government – one town at a time.

If you want to get involved with the GIP, visit and sign up to volunteer. Please note that the website is very simple and still under development.

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The photos below are published with permission from Boa Chau Kelley, Kathy Peterson and Phil Abirached.

Bao Chau Kelley (Level5 Media) received an award for her dedication to reporting the truth
Ken Tassey Jr and Lisa Mazur thank 160 volunteers for their door-to-door help to obtain over 1,150 petition signatures in Windham
Skip Murphy (GraniteGrok) receives award from Ken Eyring for his dedication to reporting the truth
Diane Fisher – American Patriot!
Don Readel sung the National Anthem
Packed Attendance
Tommy Sharpe, Chris Ager, Tom Murray, Bruce Breton, Phil Abirached
Greg Moore (AFP-NH) addresses the crowd
Marylyn Todd (NH Voter Integrity Group) receives award from Ken Eyring for her dedication to election integrity
603 Alliance drew a lot of interest by the crowd