“Wake up Maggie , I Think I Got Something to Say to You…” - Granite Grok

“Wake up Maggie , I Think I Got Something to Say to You…”

Maggie Hassan official portrait

Maggie Hassan representing New Hampshire is up for re-election to the US Senate in 2022. She must not be re-elected. Maggie believes shoplifting, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and malicious destruction of property are crimes that should not be prosecuted.

Her same feelings apply to drug possession with intent to distribute, disturbing the peace, breaking and entering, and receiving stolen property.

Why else would Hassan vote to confirm Rachel S. Rollins for US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, thus continuing the wave of ultra-progressives to the US District Attorneys’ office?

Rollins, serving as District Attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts, published a list of 15 offenses (including those mentioned above) she considered “misdemeanors” not worthy of prosecution. Of course, it wasn’t her property being destroyed or her stolen goods being sold, nor Maggie’s either for that matter…you get the point.

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Evidence also shows Rollins upped the ante from her list of fifteen low-level crimes to far more serious offenses she failed to prosecute, including assault and battery and possession of heroin and cocaine with intent to distribute. This is Massachusetts, mind you, our neighbor to the south, connected by wonderful interstate highways 93 and 95 so I ask, is Hassan oblivious to the opioid crisis in our state?

Of course, Maggie would also know R. S. Rollins is a racist with anger management issues as evidenced by a widely publicized video of a reporter trying to get Rollins’ side of a story. Rollins had previously stopped a White woman and threatened to give her a ticket while also putting on sirens and a strobe light, even though she was not a police officer. BTW, isn’t impersonating a police officer a crime? Maybe it’s on the “misdemeanor” list as number 16…

Meanwhile, the reporter attempting to interview Rollins was confronted with obstinance and threats, including “so the rantings of a White woman get you here and scare my children? Get off my property and I swear to God, I’m dead serious. I will find out your name.” The reporter struggling to get a word in edgewise offered several times to give Rollins her name, but of course, that’s not really what Rachael wanted. She wanted the show.

After Rollins was told her address was public record Rollins’ tirade continued “ that’s unbelievable. So as a Black woman at this moment, in this country, you’re going to put my f++king house on the screen?” Okay for others but not public servant, Rachael S. Rollins.

At a time when US Senate Republicans can’t agree on whether or not it’s rainy or sunny out, they all came together to oppose Rollins. Yes, even the RINOs if you can believe it. Rollins’ confirmation took a tie-breaker vote from Kamala Harris. And yet there was Maggie, lockstep with Biden and again, out of step with the NH citizens and the state she is supposed to serve. Damage done with long-term consequences for years to come.

For the record, I’ve not reached out to US Senate candidate General Don Bolduc on whether or not Rollins would have gotten his vote, but I know the answer. It’s high time Maggie Hassan was ousted from the US Senate and replaced with a patriot more in line with the people of the great Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire.

Michael Bean
Rye, NH