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Small Recycle Carts for Kensington

A happy ending to a Kensington story that started with “Trashing the Elderly” and continued with “A Response to the Kensington Selectboard and Casella Trash Contracts.”

At their 27 September 2021 meeting, the Kensington Board of Selectmen voted to order “)35) 35-gallon recycling carts from Casella and make them available at the cost of $53 each to the residents that are on the list.” This solution has three benefits:

  • Those of us that are unable to cope with the 65-gallon carts will get the more manageable 35-gallon carts.
  • The 35-gallon cart is closed to the elements and can handle a larger volume than the previously open 2 ½-gallon buckets.
  • The costs to the individual resident and the costs to the town are relatively small.

I wish to thank the Board of Selectmen for an open and professional discussion and a thoughtful and elegant solution.

Thanks also to GraniteGrok and Skip for his advice that I obtain and review the relevant contracts. I did and it helped in our discussions, see here.

I particularly want to thank those friends and neighbors that offered to help with my trash and recycling. It’s the community spirit of people like these that make it a joy to live in the town of Kensington.

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