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The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Goes Big and Bold

Bidens Fascist Vaccine Mandate

Have you driven northbound on route 95 in the last few days? Drivers heading north near exit four on route 95 will have quite a sight brought to them by New Hampshire’s Libertarian Party. “Biden’s Fascist Vaccine Mandates Can Still Be Stopped.” shines brightly from the electronic billboard as thousands of drivers pass by.

The once stagnant third party that prided itself on ballot access and 2% vote spoilers has taken a whole new approach.

Bold social media messaging and invigorated activists hope to use this opportunity of massive federal overreach and creeping totalitarianism to spread their message of liberty.

Just months after a major controversy involving the national party that ended in the resignation of the Libertarian National Committee Chair, the LPNH pushes forward. Their ranks have been exploding lately due in part to the reignited fervor of passionate Ron Paul supporters from the 2008 and 2012 campaigns who now find themselves part of the highly active Mises Caucus within the Libertarian Party.

The image of Joe Biden putting on a Hitler mask may be “triggering” for some, especially the occasional Massachusetts license plate heading up 95.  However, the LPNH hopes to point out the importance of recognizing the real fascistic policies of our federal overlords.

The Nazi party did not rise to power overnight, and while the “compare everything to Hitler/Nazi” card has been severely overplayed in the past, the striking similarities between the rise of fascism in Europe and with Communism in China during the 1950s and ’60s are not something we should shrug off.

Rule by decree is that of a dictatorship, not a constitutional republic. Will the milquetoast fence-sitters of New Hampshire recognize the total collapse of our republic before it’s too late? With this billboard, the LPNH hopes to inspire many to plant their flag and say NO to these mandates.