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Once More Dear Friends, Into The Cultural Breach

Jordan Peterson

I believe that Marxist post-modern deconstructionists are the greatest internal threat known to Western Civilization. They are the enemy within, and they are winning, and it scares the hell out of me.

I am not normally given to hyperbole, but I believe the video I’ve shared below is absolutely essential viewing for Americans, if you love your country.

If you know there is something terribly wrong but don’t fully understand the nature of the cultural threat; please watch the video.

The Messenger

Jordan Peterson is an honest observer and a passionate defender of the wonderful, precious, and sacred mess that is Western Civilization. He is the most unlikely of cultural heroes; a soft-spoken Canadian, academic and intellectual (not always the same thing), who speaks truth to evil power.

He isn’t physically imposing, he doesn’t have a booming voice, and I can’t even call him charismatic, but the power of his thoughts and the truth he speaks is astounding!

Jordan explains the “big picture” of the internal attack against our society and names the agents of destruction trying to tear down the most successful society in human history, ours.

What We Are Up Against

As a society, the biggest mistake we have made was not paying enough attention to the importance of who teaches our children and ceding the educational system to the Marxist post-modern deconstructionists.

We have unwittingly given our children over to them for indoctrination (i.e. Critical Race Theory). It is why we see our current generation of young burning our cities and tearing down our statues, literally deconstructing our infrastructure and history.

The children of Western civilization are being taught to hate themselves and us, and far too many have lost conviction in the rightness of our ways.

The Post-Modernists are winning, and it should scare the hell out of all of us.

If we allow ourselves to be destroyed, a new society will emerge from the ashes. (After all, we are social animals, there will always be some kind of society.) But the one that emerges will almost certainly not include an acknowledgment and emphasis of the individual or recognize the individual’s rights, the thing that makes us so great.

For years we have suffered from normalcy bias, believing as the Jews in Germany did, that we live in a civilized country and that people will eventually come to their senses and stop the growing insanity. We must never blame the victim for not fully recognizing the true danger, but history has shown that the forces of chaos and evil never stop until a committed group stops them.

What Do We Do?

We must stop them. Stop waiting for champions. No one man or woman is enough to save us. The fight is ours to win or lose.
Each of us must draw our personal line in the sand, and it begins by refusing to be cowed and speaking truth to evil depravity. Rise up and use your voice while we still can. Go to your school board meetings. Call your local representatives and tell them, “No More!” If they don’t listen, do what you must to make sure they are voted out so that they are never again in a position to wreck our best-ever society.

The solution to this problem is a bottom-up approach, start at the local level. Speak to your neighbors, organize your streets and wards. Find good people who cherish Western values and beg them to run. Back them if they are willing to be our champions. Money helps a lot but don’t stop there. Time and effort are huge effectiveness multipliers.

Take back your school boards. That is essential to keep any more of the Marxist poison from being administered to our children.

Take back your town council, your county government, your state offices, and your federal offices. This is the path to save and restore our country peacefully; the alternative is too terrible to imagine.

Are we still the spiritual sons and daughters of the people who left us America, a culture that is the pinnacle of human social development? Do we still believe in ourselves and the rightness of our convictions? We are still a great people; let us step once more into the breach together and save America and Western civilization. We owe that to ourselves and to our posterity.


Please invest 12 minutes watching the video below.


Note: At some point after publication we lost the video link. This has been corrected.